Nov 10, 2010



Palak Paneer (aka Indian Food Wednesday), running out of icky Vanilla tea and going back to the yummy Vanilla Caramel tea, and even more new Larabar flavors…


Examinations, quizzes, reading, studying, and working…


Saving lids to save lives, newborns, a mind-blowing new episode of Glee, and college football Saturdays…


The decision to finally take the plunge and go vegan (besides what I have to use up that is already in my kitchen)…


PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, “falling back” an hour, and new medication schedules…


Sushi, study abroad research, meetings, and acing exams…


Natural food grocery store finds: nutritional yeast, Sugar Cookie tea, the new Carrot Cake Larabar flavor and Raw Revolution bars.


  1. Hey, congrats on that exam score, that's really good! Glad to hear you're kicking butt in your classes.

    I hope that your decision to go vegan is one that you enjoy and just remember that if you ever want to go back, no one is forcing you to make that choice! I would (and practically already am) make that decision, but I find that yogurt is a decent source of calcium and protein in my diet (not that I'm worried about protein).

    Cute bowls by the way? Where'd you get them and are they large enough to hold like, a serving of grains and a boatload of veggies?

  2. I'm not afraid to mess up with being vegan, because I know that mistakes will be made and that there will be times when it will literally be impossible to eat vegan. I've been doing some pretty extensive research about veganism for quite some time now, so I have a lot of sources from which to draw from to help me and can't wait to experiment now with Noosh! I've been pseudo-vegan for some time now and I honestly think that I will not feel deprived.

    I got the bowls as a set (6?) for last Christmas from World Market (LOVE THEM!). I think they can hold about 2-2.5 c worth of liquid/food and mostly just eat breakfast out of them because there are so few, but they've definitely gotten their use since I've moved out.

  3. Ooh, love all the nut butter love going on here! I've also REALLY wanted to try those raw bars, especially that choc. chip cookie one, but they're so pricey... =X

    Congrats on becoming vegan, and it looks like it happened just in time, because guess what? You won my Noodles & Company giveaway! Please email your mailing info to me at AlmostVeganBlog AT Gmail DOT com. :)