About Me

I've lived in the same city in Michigan for all 19 years of my life thus far and plan on continuing to be here for at least another three as I complete my schooling and a Dietetics degree with a specialization in Health Promotions and with Honors (then it's off to an internship somewhere).

Michigan is Michigan. It is unpredictable and temperamental and, although the winters are far too long and cold, I really do love it here. But, I know that one day in the near future, I must leave and start my own life somewhere with opportunity and I can't wait to be able to experience living in another town.

 I have high aspirations and lists and lists of dreams and goals to complete in my lifetime and these lists are usually constantly changing. Realistic or not, they are my dreams and life just is not worth living without dreams. I love photography, even if I feel limited by my camera. Hopefully one day soon I will have a camera that was actually meant for the kind of pictures I imagine in my head, and not just my Canon PowerShot A610. I do what I can with what I have. You can't live your life always wanting, and I'm just starting to learn what life outside of the "Auto" picture setting is all about. The macro setting is my food blogging's (and close-up nature photography's) best friend.

On the cusp of full independence, I have decided to start getting my life together, and part of that is living the kind of life I would one day like my family to follow, and that includes healthy eating and exercise. I myself have not always been the greatest eater, and cooking sort of intimidates me, but I am determined to change all of that. I ran a little bit in high school on the cross country team, but had to quit because of an injury and an all-around feeling that it was too soon after recovery to be putting my body through so much. I have always enjoyed running and marveling at what the human body is capable of.

I am the one who is responsible for me, and I should start acting like it. So, please follow me and provide guidance as I live, learn, grow, and love my way through this next year and beyond (if all goes well and according to plan).

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