Jun 27, 2010

Stop Biting Me!

85% humidity. I did the 1.5 miles, but fell a little short on my goal of a 10-minute mile, running 15:13 making my pace 10:18 and 5.9mph. And to think, in December 2005 I ran a 7-minute mile. Then again, I only had to run one mile so I put my all into it. The mosquitoes were pretty bad, I got bit on the small of my back and who knows where else, but at least I got my run in before the thunderstorm struck.

Breakfast was a bowl of Frosted Wheats and Life cereals (16g protein) in skim milk. I need to go grocery shopping today, which means that I really need to make a list and decide on meals for the week. Last night I actually get quite a bit of my binder done, but I still have about half of it yet to go. I don't think I'll be going to the mall today, because of the rain and the fact that the mall outdoors, but I guess that may be a good thing. My bank account will feel less tired, especially with the expenses I'm planning in the next month (*shh* I'm not telling!).

Okay. Time to make lists and clean. Post in the afternoon!

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