Sep 12, 2010

Test Drive

I tried out the new shoes this morning. 3.60 miles in 35:00 which includes a 0.15 mile warm-up and a 5:00 cool-down. The shoes were lovely; quite different than the Reebok EasyTones I’ve been toting around for the past year; in a good way, of course. I felt good and I felt fast. Not much faster than normal, but it felt good to push myself, not give in to discomfort (Note: discomfort, not pain), and finish with a feeling of accomplishment that I tried my best and had a good run.

After I started a load of laundry and did some core work, it was time for breakfast! Old-fashioned oats made in Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, and flaxseed meal, and topped with Grape Nuts, PB&Co. CRS, cherry preserves, and almonds (this bag is never-ending).


I read for Biology and Economics until my roommate came home from work so that we could go to the clubhouse. Shortly thereafter it was time for a well-deserved shower. Mmm… Showers are so underappreciated sometimes. I had leftovers from the other night for lunch. Just as good the next day. I actually like to let my food “age” a little before I eat it. Mostly, this is because food is much too hot to “serve immediately” for me to really enjoy or taste it much. Even in the mornings, I like to wait until my oatmeal is cooled most of the way before adding my toppings because I want the Grape Nuts to stay fairly crunchy throughout the entire meal. Maybe this is weird; I don’t know.

In the afternoon, I munched on a bowl of Kashi GoLean sprinkled with cinnamon and doused in USVAB. My body never really woke up today, for some reason, so I dragged through much of today. I even broke down and drank a mug of coffee in the afternoon. I usually stay far away from anything caffeinated, which should tell you how desperate I was to get some motivation to do work today.

I never really got around to dinner. The cereal kept be pretty satisfied into the evening and I just munched on a Pink Lady apple and a few pieces of dark chocolate. Ever since the weekend from hell when I had to go to the emergency room, my body has been kind of wonky and resisting getting back into a schedule. This is especially difficult because I don’t have the same routine every day anymore because classes are at different times from day to day. Come on body, adjust!

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