Apr 2, 2011

40 in 400

I turn 21 in 416 days from today. So, for the sake of simplicity, I want to do a “40 Things In 400 Days” Challenge. I added a new page at the top so that you can follow my progress and see the posts where I link back to when I complete them.

40 Things In 400 Days Challenge:
1. Donate blood – This would be dependent on me getting my weight up and my iron status to an acceptable level for donation. In the past, I have been pretty borderline, but I’m hoping with my improved diet this will no longer be a problem. I’m B+ by the way!
2. Get a tattoo – I already have one, that I got last summer, but I’ve really been meaning to get another one and have several designs in mind, but nothing really pops out at me as something I can’t live without.
3. Leave an inspiration note inside a book for someone to find – Inspired by Operation Beautiful, which I read recently.
4. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go – Same as above.
5. Complete a 365 day photo challenge – I’ve always wanted to do this, but the commitment seemed too daunting.
6. Buy a scratchcard or lottery ticket – I have yet to do this since turning 18, and you never know what will happen!
7. Do some volunteer work – I’ve really been meaning to get back into this.
8. Make a birthday cake for someone – …and make it deliciously vegan!
9. Run a half marathon – You already know that I plan on doing this in September.
10. Take a fitness class – I have never taken a group fitness class before.
11. Read all of the books currently on my shelf – These are: The China Study, Under the Dome, The Gatecrasher, and Thrive. It is incredibly hard to get myself to read non-class books when I take classes.
12. Meet an online friend in person – I’m going to need your help on this one!
13. Get a massage – Always wanted to do it, but I don’t really like people touching me. Time to get over it.
14. Wear only skirts/dresses for a week – This comes back to my body insecurities and general lack of femininity.
15. Host a giveaway on the blog – I’ve done this once before, but I really want to do another when I think that enough people will participate.
16. Buy a suit – My mother has been on my back about this since Fall.
17. Make a new recipe at least once a month – I keep buying cookbooks but don’t go past looking through them. This needs to change!
18. Renew my library card and actually use it – It’s free for residents, so why not utilize it?
19. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day – Both are always so beautiful.
20. Add change to a stranger’s expired parking meter – I read about people doing this from time to time and it really makes their day. I want to make someone’s day.
21. Get a new winter coat – The one I have is ill-fitting and, therefore, does not keep me as warm is it probably should.
22. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie – I have already done this twice in the past. Once for Twilight and once for Iron Man 2.
23. Finish a 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle – I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!
24. Buy something for myself spontaneously and without guilt – I always overthink things. “Do I really need this?”, “Do I want to spend THAT much on something?”, etc.
25. Get my eyebrows waxed – I used to get this done at least once a month and have since fallen out of the habit. My eyebrows could use some proper grooming.
26. Surprise my mother with flowers – Lets face it, she deserves it.
27. Go camping – Even if it’s just in my own backyard.
28. Vote – I’m a bad citizen! I haven’t voted, but at least I’m registered!
29. Visit 3 local restaurants that I’ve never been to – Lived in the same town for almost 20 years and I hardly ever go out.
30. Make my own nut butter – Tried and failed once, time to try again.
31. Make a new friend – A real one, not just a Facebook friend, but one that I talk to and see regularly who knows something about my life.
32. Listen to one iTunes U lecture a month – Expand your mind!
33. Pull an all-nighter – I’ve come close in the past, but always end up passing out at some point before the night is over.
34. Ride a rollercoaster without closing my eyes – One of my biggest fears.
35. In bed by 10pm for one week – A girl needs her sleep.
36. Have a girl’s night out with my mom – Again, she deserves it.
37. No gum for one month – I have a MAJOR gum-chewing addiction.
38. Visit a state that I’ve never been to – I’m not picky on which one.
39. Win something – A giveaway, a race, $1, seriously, I’m not picky.
40. Finish this list – This may seem like a cop-out of one of my things, but it IS the ultimate goal, isn’t it?



  1. LOVE your list! A brilliant idea and I look forward to seeing how you progress...
    I'd be more than happy to help you with #12, although I'm afraid the distance might be too great :-/

    Take care.

  2. I REALLY like this idea. So much that I think I might do one myself, except just more of a "before 21" list.

    I refuse to buy a lottery ticket because if I lose that means I'm negative and I feel that I'll have a tendency to play until that's no longer true... :P

    And if distance weren't the problem I could help you with both friend goals. :( Fortunately you're only in Michigan and I have relatives there and #12 doesn't seem too unreasonable. ;)

    I like some of the courteous goals too. Wow, this post just really stands out to me. Now I'm going to be stuck thinking of a list while I'm supposed to do homework today, haha.

  3. I love this list! I should make one of these....


  4. LOVE this list. Its a great way to find out more about the person behind the blog.

  5. SUCH a great idea!! I LOVE it girl!! I need my eyebrows done again too...lets do it together, k? :)