Apr 22, 2011

Girl Scout Law


My tastes are continuing to be all over the place lately. I blame it on all of the massive weather shifts that have been going on in Michigan right now. Couple this with a serious need to hit up the grocery store, and you have a dilemma on your hands. Enter in the pancake bake:


Good in theory, but I just didn’t dig it, otherwise I would be posting the recipe. Other than the fact that it had blueberries, it didn’t really taste like anything. If I’m eating something, I want to be able to taste it.

All I’ve wanted lately is fruit, fruit, and more fruit. Seriously, basically all vegetables seem unappealing right now. I pretty much have to force myself to throw in a serving or two of vegetables in my meals just so that I can get some in each day. Spinach and carrots are my go-to veggies of choice, as opposed to the sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli that graced my plate all winter. I’m hoping that this phase will pass. Not that I don’t love fruit, because I do, I just want to make sure I get into a balance.

I finally got my hands on some cashews and dates so that I could, at long last, try to make some raw cookie dough balls. After having eaten a Mint Chocolate Fudgie (based on Carrie’s original Fudgie recipe), and since it’s still Girl Scout Cookie season, I decided to base my recipe on Katie’s Raw Thin Mint Brownies (but in bite form):


Raw Thin Mint Cookie Dough Balls

- 30g cashews
- 80g dates
- 1 T cocoa powder
- peppermint extract as desired (Note: a little goes a long way)

Combine all in a food processor and blend away until well mixed. Use a tablespoon to scoop out dough and form into balls. Refrigerate or freeze. Makes 10 (1T) dough balls.

Perfection. I really do love the combination of chocolate and mint. I really don’t understand why I don’t eat it more often. (P.S. I was a Girl Scout for SEVEN years, so know all about the intricacies that is cookie selling. My mother was even cookie mom one year. It is a LOT of work, people!)



I seem to have come down with a little something. What started as a cough here and a cough there on Monday has morphed into a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes on Thursday. The only think I’m afraid of is that it’s my mono coming back (I had mono in November 2009). My family thinks that I overexerted myself back then, still forcing myself to go to all of my classes and taking all of my tests, and with finals and summer right around the corner and half-marathon training on my mind, I hope that this is just something that rest, fluids, and a good diet will quickly patch up.

I met with my counselor on Thursday and it did not go as well as I had hoped. She acknowledged that I’ve been making progress, but she doesn’t really know what she can do for me. We were both extremely frustrated with each other and having a lot of trouble communicating. I left feeling like nothing really got accomplished, which is never a good feeling. I don’t really know where to go from here. We don’t have another appointment set up and I basically just got the “just keep doing what you’ve been dong for the past 2 weeks” advise. I feel kind of let down.

Between everything that’s been going on this week, training, and several crappy nights of sleep, I just want to curl up under my covers and take a mental health holiday. Unfortunately, I have work and class tomorrow. Being an adult really sucks sometimes.



Even with the sore throat, I decided to test my luck and go for my run this afternoon. 4 miles. My knees felt fine, as did my legs except for the onset of lead legs during the last mile. Even my breathing was okay. That is, until the second I stopped running. Nothing like coughing up a good glob of phlegm to make you feel super attractive.

Friday is my rest day, so I’m hoping that everything will be cleared up, or at least better than it is now for Saturday or Sunday (whenever I decide to do my long run based on weather and how I feel, going to attempt another 7-miler). Tea, lozenges, and plenty of water will be my weapons of choice. I don’t have a fever, so fingers crossed that this isn’t anything big.

I think I’m going to continue running as long as I don’t have a fever or aches and as long as I can still swallow relatively comfortably. Breathing is kind of important when running, like, I need that, right? *insert intentional dumb blonde moment*


I’m now on Formspring! I plan on doing a Q&A post once I get enough responses. Seriously, ASK ME ANYTHING. My running, family, school, ED, nothing is off limits. And it’s completely anonymous, so don’t hold back.

And don’t forget to check out Carrie’s blog, Moves ‘N Munchies, tomorrow! I’ll be doing a guest post!

Did you become sick during training? How did you adjust your training plans accordingly?


  1. I have a soar throat too!
    Those raw mint coookie dough balls look ah-mazing!!!!

  2. Yummy pancake bake!! Aww sorry it wasn't that great, it looks tasty :(

  3. It's a shame the pancake bake didn't live up to expectations.

    I haven't put in a question for the formspring yet, but rest assured, I will, I just need to think of one! Sods law says I'll finally think of one just as I'm falling asleep ;)

  4. oh girl, sorry about the throat. SOmetimes stress and weird weather will do that. Take some time to yourself. A good mental break!

  5. Aw hope you feel better asap! Your chocolate balls look fabulous. I love raw snacks like that! Loved your guest post on MnM by the way :)