Oct 15, 2010

Hall of Fame and Fall Views


Apparently yesterday marked my 100th post. Well that certainly flew by uneventfully, haha.

I toughened myself up and went to the gym this morning for an elliptical hills workout. 3.02 miles in 30:00 followed by core work and a shower. Breakfast was old-fashioned oats made in Vanilla tea (still not a fan of this flavor), mixed with pureed pumpkin, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and topped with Grape Nuts, PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, and maple syrup.


While eating breakfast, I watched a few video lectures for Economics and packed my lunch and snack for the day. Banana, Honey Nut Cheerios with Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds, unsweetened applesauce, and a Fiber One Oats & Apple Streusel bar (again, I had a coupon). In the cards today was Nutrition (with quiz), Biology lecture (with quiz), and Biology lab (fieldwork). Ex-haust-ing. I was glad when the class ended and I was able to go out to dinner with my dad.

We went to the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe, which showcases the university’s achievements in athletics. This place has been around for a while, but this was my first time actually eating there. With a huge lack of vegetarian options, I opted for a Greek Salad. It was not good. Honestly, the best part was the sun-dried tomatoes, and that’s only because it was the only thing not too overwhelmingly flavorful or oily. I was really in the mood for sushi after measuring trees for 3 hours, but alas other plans were already made. Oh well, at least I got to see my dad.

Entering Study Mode, NOW! But here’s something to keep you occupied for a bit: http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com/. I think it should be more like: ThisiswhatswrongwiththeUStoday.com if you ask me. Our “contributions” to the culinary world are horrendous. People don’t want to go to the US to sample our cuisine, like they do to France and Italy. Our food is only known for causing high cholesterol and other health problems.


No gym this morning. Instead, I did some light weights to work on my upper body strength. Breakfast was a Biology textbook with old-fashioned oats made in Vanilla tea, mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, pureed pumpkin, and flaxseed meal, and topped with PB&Co. WCW, Grape Nuts, and maple syrup.


I brought along some Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds with Honey Nut Cheerios and a White Chocolate Macadamia LUNA Bar to hold me over through work, Food Safety, and Biology lab work. Coming home was absolute bliss after that long day. And now I have a lot to catch up on, so I’ll be ending this post short and working the evening and the night away.

But, I will leave you with this Midwestern fall view:


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  1. Really gorgeous shot; I love autumn and the imagery it brings with it!

    I'm not sure how nice a Biology textbook would taste, but I've only got a Chemistry and Econ ones so I'm not going to risk it. :P

    And the sad thing about your comment about people not wanting to come here to taste it, is that, for the most part, it's true. However, a lot of other countries are beginning to (sadly) adopt some of our Western food culture and fast food industries and it's quite a shame that they could potentially fall victim to the same illnesses we suffer from because of our culinary environment.

    I'm thankful I only saw 1 McD's, 1 fast food pizza joint and 1 Starbucks in Athens. Still too much in my opinion but I'm really glad tavernas were still the majority of what was available rather than the crap we have over here.