Oct 19, 2010

Larabars and Leases


Monday morning once again. *Sigh* Breakfast as usual: old-fashioned oats made in sub-par vanilla tea, mixed with flaxseed meal, chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pureed pumpkin, and topped with maple syrup, PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, and dried berries.


Work went by a bit slowly today, though I’m not really sure why. Next came a quiz in Food Safety. I studied as much as I think I could have, and although I didn’t get a great score I am still doing better than half the kids in my class. After Food Safety was my Biology Lab lecture. Boring and uneventful, other than we got our tests back. Again, not great, but not below average. This I will accept considering the amount that I missed due to not being able to go out into the field.

After lab I went on my weekly grocery trip, and guess what I found?! Three out of the four new Larabar flavors! I could NOT believe my eyes or my luck when I saw them. I instantly grabbed one of each. If only there was also the Carrot Cake flavor among them… Also, sorry for the poor picture quality. It was taken using the camera on my phone, as I do not normally take my camera with me to the grocery store.

Once home again, I did a repeat dinner of last night (actually, I made a double batch yesterday just so that I wouldn’t have to cook today). Now it’s getting pretty late and I have yet to begin doing any of my work. Bringing my laptop to campus is starting to sound more and more worth the extra 20 pounds on my back.


No work this morning! But that does not mean that there was any resting going on (there’s no rest for the wicked!). I had a meeting with a girl I am thinking about living with next year (yes, lease signing started this past weekend, and the good, close places go fast) as well as some errands that I needed to run before the week was out. To fuel my morning, I had a bowl of old-fashioned oats made in Vanilla tea, mixed with chia seeds, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pureed pumpkin, and topped with maple syrup, PB&Co. WCW, and dried berries.


If only I had some Coconut Butter to put on my oats in the morning. Maybe Chocolate Covered Katie could help me out if I win her giveaway?

I had a Biology lecture (and quiz) as well as a few hours of work today. Then, I signed my lease for next year. I’ll be living with a girl who’s in the honors college with me and we even had our orientations together. It will just be her and me, and I have high hopes that my roommate situation will be much improved next year. Only 10 more months to go!

Another long day means there’s no time to waste to start on homework and I have another fairly long day tomorrow as well. G’night everyone!

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