Oct 13, 2010

Optimism and First Day


First of all, thank you for those that entered my giveaway. It was small, the odds were good to win, but I’m sure that all blogs start out this way. If this blog is still around a year from now and I run a similar giveaway, then that’s something I can compare to. But, since this was my very first and I still have a fairly low frequency of page views a day, I’m glad that I received any participants at all! Anyways, congratulations to Comment #3, belonging The Student Kitchen! Shoot me an e-mail over at ratliffe@msu.edu with the address you want me to send to and I’ll put your package together!


Breakfast was a slight variation of my pumpkin oatmeal: old-fashioned oats made in Vanilla tea, mixed with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, chia seeds, and flaxseed meal, and topped with Grape Nuts, maple syrup, and PB&Co. White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter. I don’t like this tea as much as my Vanilla Caramel, but I’ll “suffer” through the box, I suppose.


I caught myself up on my Hulu queue while reading some for Biology and studying for my quiz in said class today, and then I was off.

Everything was fine; until I got off of the bus on campus, that is. Suddenly, I felt nauseous and in unbearable pain. I asked my dad to bring me to the ER immediately. Here I am, 6 hours later, and the hospital did nothing but run blood tests which all came up normal. I literally left the hospital feeling worse than I did going in and I almost demanded an ambulance when I was at home, on the floor, struggling to breathe. I just wish that there was some way to deal with the pain, but there’s not, and that’s the worst part. Just knowing that the pain will last for 6 hours (if not more) is almost enough to make me start crying. It’s that fear of the inevitable I guess. You cringe because you know what you’re getting yourself into and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Right now, I’m just resting. The pain hasn’t gone away yet, so that means meals are on pause for the time being, and I’m continuing to forego the gym for the present as well. Trying to reduce the amount of stress on my body right now as much as possible.


Out the door by 8:30am made for a rushed-feeling morning. Breakfast was a chocolate calcium chew with a side of old-fashioned oats made in Vanilla tea, mixed with pureed pumpkin, chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, and flaxseed meal, and topped with maple syrup, PB&Co. WCW, and Grape Nuts. I had to be ready to go so early because today was my first day at my new job! I’m going to be doing assistance work at the university a few hours a week. I think I’m really going to like doing this, and can probably continue next semester or even next year as long as I do the job well and still enjoy the work.


Work flew by and I snacked on some Cinnamon Brown Sugar almonds with Honey Nut Cheerios (I had a coupon) and a banana on my way to class and just made it to my building before the sky opened up and unleashed its watery fury. I came home after class, snacked on some popcorn, watched Friends, and read for Economics and Nutrition.

Dinner was another delicious spinach and soy cheddar cheese scramble. I was really craving something warm, light, and comforting, and for some reason this meal satisfies all of those requirements for me.


Long day tomorrow. Pray that I make it through my Biology Lab in one piece! Hopefully the prospect of dinner with my dad will get my body through…

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  1. HURA! thanks so much Ellen =) good luck with your bio lab !