Feb 28, 2011

Over Before You Know It

The end of February already? I'll take it. Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather!

Today marked the beginning of midterms week here at university. It's only Monday and I'm already two down and two to go. I did pretty well on my Physiology exam and I'm feeling pretty confident after my Sociocultural Aspects of Food exam. My next one is on Wednesday and then the last is sort of whenever I feel like taking it because it's online. Unfortunately, this does not mean that my Spring Break starts any earlier because I still have to go to work and class every day. If only there were no lectures during midterms *le sigh*. Not that I'm going anywhere fun, anyways. It'll just be nice to lounge around reading (I recently started Becoming Vegan and am impressed so far), working out, and hopefully getting a tiny bit of work done as well. And, it'll help break the semester up in my mind. Know what I mean?

I'm really excited because a new cookbook came for me in the mail today! A few of you may have heard about The Happy Herbivore and, after reading her blog and looking at several of the recipes posted on her website, fellow bloggers' websites, and the previews available on Amazon, I decided to spend some of the gift card I have left over from Christmas on the official cookbook. Weee! I can't wait to try some of these out. If only I had a more adequate kitchen and pantry!

I visited a doctor as I was advised by the counselor I talked to and had some more blood tests run just to make sure that, although I am underweight right now, my body is still operating as it should. And, indeed, my levels are all fine, which takes a bit of the load off my mind. I'm not really sure what the next steps are in regards to all of that, but I have an appointment to see the campus travel clinic to prepare myself for Tanzania. Malaria medications, anyone?

I wish I had something more to say or post. Some deep thought I had that will provoke you to think yourself. I wish I had some great photo or recipe to post. Some big exciting piece of news in my life. But, I don't. I live an average life with average happenings and not much changes from day-to-day. My life bores even me, especially nowadays it seems. I can't seem to find anything that catches my interest and zeal for life and living. Put simply, I am bored. I hope that this is just a phase and that soon enough I will be burgeoning with life and enthusiasm for something, however short-lived it may be. I feel limited. We can't do everything that we want to do any time that we want to do it. I can't jet off to Paris for a month or two. Heck, I can't even go to the grocery store whenever I want. I hate that I find myself wanting to live vicariously through other people. I feel like my life is never more interesting or fun that anyone else's.

Well, I guess this was a pretty random post when you come down to it. Hopefully I didn't lose a few of you along the way.

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  1. Life gets that way at times and we can't always be entertained. I feel you though, there are times when I lose all zeal for pretty much everything. I've been opening up to friends (and faculty soon) about it and it's helping me for the most part. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're life doesn't have to be "exciting" for people to want to read about how it's going.

    Glad to hear you're doing well on your exams and I hope they're not too stressful. People really make exams seem wayyyyyy harder than they turn out to be for me. Happy to hear your body is doing well too!

    And I wanted to get that cookbook too, maybe fore my birthday seeing as that's coming up. How soon until you start planning for your Tanzania trip? :o