Jan 13, 2011

A Few Days In and Summer Plans

Howdy, everyone. I'm almost done with my first week of classes for the new semester. Now that I've had some classes twice (but still one not at all), I'm thinking more and more that I will really enjoy this semester.

My Sociocultural Aspects of Food class is really fun. The professor is so adorable and tells us stories about him and his wife. He fell in love with her before he even met her face-to-face! How cute is that? Sorry, I am a girl, after all, and I hopeless romantic at times. Physiology, though easy and mostly review for me right now, seems to prove to at least be able to keep me awake since the professor changes colors when she writes notes, although I'm not a big fan of the way she speaks. Anthropology always seems to whiz right by even though it is an hour and a half long. The readings are really interesting as well.

Now for some BIG news. I'm going to Tanzania for three whole weeks this summer! My university has an amazing study abroad program and I gave myself the choice between studying abroad or joining a sorority. I chose study abroad and received my official acceptance letter on Tuesday. So, for three glorious weeks in July, I will be in Africa learning about food, nutrition, and health in Tanzania with a group of 11 other students and our accomanying professor. I'll be visiting colleges, villages, hospitals, and orphanages. And a national park, of course! Ellen goes on safari.

It will be costly, and I have to start getting all of my official documents in order NOW. So, this Saturday I will be submitting for a new passport (my old one was from when I was 14 or 15, so it can no longer be used since I'm an adult now). I know the money will be worth it though. I am beyond excited for this great opportunity and cannot wait for summer to get here.

I don't suppose anyone out there would know of any good books I could read to learn more about Tanzania, are there? (*Not tourist-y, more of the history and culture*)


  1. Tanzania? That's so awesome! 3 weeks, just like my Greece trip. I think that's the perfect amount of time to go - it gets you out of your comfort zone long enough to experience and live in another culture, yet it's not too long that it makes you sick and wanting your home and family.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time, enjoy it and love every minute of it, and try as much food as you can, try not to turn ANYTHING down (within reason, of course), haha!

  2. Congrats baby sis! I think it will be a great opportunity for you. Let us know if you need any outdorsy / travel stuff. I'm expecting a big REI shareholder return after outfitting Ken in goretex and boots for yosemite.