Jan 28, 2011

Running A Thousand...

... miles per hour that is. This week has been crazy beyond belief as I piled on meetings, appointments, work, class, studying, and volunteering. It helps the week go by faster, but at the same time you feel like you're never home or get to see the people who matter most to you.

At the same time, the apartment has been dealing with major roommate issues. However, these aren't the same issues that were occurring back at the beginning of the school year. Actually, that situation has resolved itself and I couldn't be happier. This is actually a completely different spat that involves the girl I had originally signed my lease with who I had lived with last year. She has decided that she can no longer live with us and has chosen to move to another apartment in the complex to live with strangers (she officially moves out today, but all of her things are already gone). She is no longer talking to me (I don't know why), but, I refuse to get caught up in that. If someone was really your friend and worth your time, they wouldn't just drop you like that.

I have a follow-up appointment at the University of Michigan this afternoon to check in on the IBS situation, then it's straight back home to pack for this weekend. The boy and I are headed to a wedding. It will be nice to just get away from everything for a couple of days and just be together. Though the prospect of wedding cake is good, too. Since we both work and have meetings, class, and homework during the week, the weekends are pretty much the only time we get to see each other face-to-face, so I live for the weekend.

I've been researching internships for when after I graduate in May 2013 (as long as everything goes according to plan). So far, I've pretty much just settled on the state(s) that I want to be in:  Texas or North Carolina. So, I have my eye set on one in each plus a back-up in each in that didn't excite me quite as much.  I'm hoping to visit with the program directors next spring break and/or summer break, but until then, in accordanence with one of my classes, I'll be working on my reseme, personal statements, and building relationships with my professors so that I can have killer letters of recommendation.

In other news, I had a murderous workout yesterday afternoon. I swear, I don't think I've ever sweated that much in my entire life and my arms sure are sore this morning. Yesterday was the only day that I had time to work out this week, and I won't have time this weekend, but hopefully next week and the coming weeks with allow me to get in more often. Getting my electronic access card fixed so that I can actually get in to the gym would be nice, too.

And now, a request: I'm going to a Superbowl Sunday party and have to bring a dessert to share. I want to bake some delicious vegan cookies and surprise everyone with their awesome animal-free-ness! What is your favorite vegan cookie recipe?

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  1. Can u make cookies without eggs? maybe I'm just old fashionned. Surprise me too. - AT