Jan 10, 2011

Wake-Up! It's Time For School!

Good news, they did not find any cysts on my preliminary exam this morning, but they are still going to schedule an ultrasound to be sure. Though it is a little weird to be saying that this is "good news", but even if I did I am doing already what the doctors prescribe to control cysts, which is oral contraceptives ("the pill").

The pain has not been too bad so far this year, with only one instance on Saturday when I think I: 1) ate too fast, and 2) did not chew my food enough. I have an appointment at the end of the month, but I'm not sure at all what will be discussed or come out of that discussion.

Today was the beginning of the spring semester here at university. I had two classes as well as work to contend with in addition to the early morning doctor's appointment, so I feel like it has been an extraordinarily long day today.

Here I am, my second semester as a Dietetics major, and I am already throwing myself into the higher-level courses:
ANP201H: Sociocultural Diversity. Not directly related to my major, but I am doing it as a part of the university's general education requirements and using it as a way to get yet another honors credit (I need eight to graduate and currently have five) and, based on the readings that I have done so far, I think I will learn a lot and grow much more outside of my own bubble of knowledge. Unfortunately, though, absolutely no electronics are allowed in class. Which means pen and paper and nothing else, essentially.
HNF320: Basic Skills in Dietetic Practice. I haven't actually attended this class yet, but it seems to be pretty logistical stuff based on the textbook we had to get.
HNF409: Sociocultural Aspects of Food. Yes, I have two classes with the word "sociocultural" in them this semester. Not so sure about this class yet, but I think it will be interesting nonetheless and it gives me a chance to meet and have other professors from the HNF department as teachers.
PSL250: Introductory Physiology. Haven't had this class yet, either, but the readings seem simple enough and it's mostly things that I've learned in past biology courses. Thankfully, this puts more of a focus on functions rather than memorizing what is where (which I can look forward to next year in Anatomy).

It should prove to be an interesting semester. I hope to become more involved in my Food and Nutrition Association club and to make friends with those in my classes and within my major. It was nice seeing so many faces in my HNF class today that I had taken my Food Safety course with and that I will be sharing my other HNF class with as well. I also hope to keep the strong reconnections I had formed over winter break, as I would hate for those to dissimilate once more now that classes have started up again.

Well, I'm off to the gym now. Since I have been able to increase my food intake and feel like my body can handle the additional physical stress, I have decided to start going to the gym at least once every other day from now on. I have a date with a stationary bike and a Cosmo magazine. Don't judge! Trashy magazines are fun/funny! Ta-ta, darlings!

How are other people handling returning to school (for those of you still continuing your education)? Do any of my courses sounds interesting to you that you'd like to read more about?

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  1. Wow, really getting into those Dietetics courses now. I've only got "Dietetic Management" this semester, but I'm also taking Human Phys too. I hope I remember things seeing as I haven't had Bio since high school.

    I've been enjoying my time at home and ability to cook what I want when I want and I hope I'm able to transition back to dorm life easily and keep my health up. :)