Jun 22, 2010

Asymptotically Free At High Energies

Today is the start of something new. Like most of the things I try to start, they all end in a slow (or sometimes speedy quick) death of dusty corners. But, as with many of my summers, I have made a list of things to do in the upcoming year. Some people make changes starting New Years Day, but, as a true student, I think of the year starting in September with the arrival of textbooks and college students returning to campus:

1. Do a 365-photo project. Take one picture every day that best describes your day. I plan on starting this sometime in August.
2. This blog. Since I will be moving out of my childhood home and into an apartment, I have a sudden desire to learn how to cook. I plan on posting about my successes and failures, accompanied with pictures and recipes and my reviews of products. Also, any other tidbits of my daily life that seem noteworthy.
3. Build a table. Yeah. You read correctly. Nothing fancy, just something that can stay together if something were placed or spilled on top of it.

Feel free to stop by every once and a while and see my progress, pick up a recipe, and ask questions.

Add to my list:
4. Run a 5K. It's been almost 4 years since I completed my first and only 5K. I did it in 25:28 back in 2005. I do not expect to get anywhere near that time when I race. It will be more of a "just finish" than a "break 25" kind of an affair.

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