Jun 26, 2010

I Need A Funnel

Woke up early again so that I could go for a run before I started my day, started out with a quick cup of unsweetened applesauce as pre-run fuel. I was very slow this morning, however, and I contribute it to the fact that it was 75-80% humidity the entire time, though it may have just been residual soreness from yesterday. I put in a good 18:45 which came out to 1.76 miles (which makes up for coming up short yesterday, right?). I for sure knew I was slower when I looked at my calculated pace: 10:40 and 5.6 mph. But, I go for distance, not time. What's important is I never stopped to walk and I pushed myself further than I had intended to go.

Breakfast was the rest of the carton of cottage cheese, with a mandarin orange bowl and some graham crackers. 17g protein, not bad.

Now I'm just waiting for the boyfriend to get up and around so that we can spend the day together doing mystery activities (I left it up to him, so, at least for me it's a mystery). Will be sure to post tonight or tomorrow morning about the rest of the day.

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