Aug 13, 2010

Best Laid Plans...

All plans go to the wayside, apparently, when you have an undiagnosed condition. Though I guess that could be said about many diagnosed conditions as well. I had no sooner than turned my alarm clock off when I was hit with a wave of pain and discovered my inability to sit or stand up straight (or even at a slight angle). I basically have to be curled in a ball when I lie down and folded over if I have to walk anywhere or else I feel pressure. I called the doctor at around 7:30 this morning requesting a call back, e-mailed my superior at work to tell him I wouldn't be able to make my way in to the lab today, and started playing that wonderful game: The Waiting Game.

A doctor called about 45 minutes after that and didn't really know what to tell me, and obviously never looked at my file. But, he did advise that I go to an Urgent Care facility and get checked out. So, off I went. Apparently doctors can never agree with what's wrong with me, because now I'm supposed to take a completely different medication. So, now I've seen three different doctors, received three (four) different prescriptions, and three different diagnoses all to explain the same set of symptoms.

Breakfast was pretty late this morning because of the doctors appointment, and had to be portable, so I packed a Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar and an apple to eat on the ride back from RediCare. I actually quite liked this bar, probably due to the massive walnut pieces in the mix, however, the coconut was hardly perceptible. I'm still looking for those new flavors though and I refuse to give up (especially since I keep hearing about how awesome they are)!

Late breakfast meant late lunch/early dinner. I hate it when my eating schedule is all thrown off like this. It messed up my entire day! And since I woke up with this new stomach thing, I wasn't even able to go in to work which is yet another thing to throw me off my game. Long weekend? Usually enjoyable, but it does make Sunday seem to drag on for ever. Anyways, lunch/dinner was the most random wrap I could possible scrounge up thanks to the fact that I used up most of my fixings yesterday afternoon. 

Now I'm off to the grocery store to stock back up on some essentials and hopefully pick up some new products to try out as well. I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves at HLS and I must say that I am completely jealous simply because of the fact that you get swag bags. Swag bags are amazing no matter the occasion. Reminds me of grade-school birthday parties and the awesome gift bags you got when you went home!


On another (and unrelated?) note, today is Friday the Thirteenth. There is usually a lot of superstition associated with this date and the "phobia" has been around for several centuries. One theory of how this came about as being a "bad luck" day is that the number 12 is the number of completeness (12 months of the year, signs of the zodiac, hours of the clocks, apostles of Jesus, tribes of Israel, gods of Olympus, etc.) and the number 13 is thus irregular, also, at the Last Supper the presence of 13 people at the table resulted in the death of one of them. Friday has been unlucky since at least the days of The Canterbury Tales, and many professions consider Friday a bad day to take trips or begin projects. Black Friday has associations with stock market crashes and disasters since the 1800s and Jesus is commonly thought to have been crucified on a Friday. There are, of course, many other theories of why this theory of Friday the 13th has come about. However, this does not stop people and their superstitions. It is estimated that $800-900 million is lost in business on this day due to people avoiding their normal routines.

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