Aug 22, 2010

Holland and Rest

--- 8/21/10 ---

We headed out for Holland around noon, and arrived at Tunnel Park and the shores of Lake Michigan at about 1:30. After wading into the water for half an hour or so, we laid out, soaked up some sun (only a little red!), ate some of my yummy treats, people watched, and took a few pictures. Once we all felt a bit crispy, we changed back into street clothes (more or less) and headed out to the mall to window shop. No, nobody bought anything, but there were several great finds and lots of laughs along the way. Also, my friend Ashleigh and I would never be able to work in a sweets shop because we would be getting sick too much just from the sickly sweet odor of the place. Honestly. My nausea went away by just stepping away from the chocolate shop and breathing fresh air. I guess my tastes have changed a lot this past year or something.

Despite a few raindrops on the drive over, it was nothing but sun and warmth once we got to the shore. I'm so glad that I was given this opportunity to go someplace nice and just relax and have fun with people who are special to me before school rears its time-eating head in a week or so. Who even knows when I will be able to get away again. It truly was the perfect end to summer.

Really, the only bad part was the Cherry Pie Larabar I tried when we were at the mall because I was hungry and did not want to eat fast food. It was terrible; one bite and I couldn't even bring myself to finish it just so that it did not go to waste. That bad. Never, ever again will I be purchasing this flavor.

--- 08/22/10 ---

Rest day from my amazing long run yesterday. I even allowed myself an extra hour before getting up for the day, though I don't really think it was sleeping in because I tossed and turned all night. No pictures for breakfast or lunch today. I didn't have a camera with me and I was not even home for a good chunk of the day. However, my dad invited my boyfriend Lyle and I out for sushi at Maru and you know I brought my camera for that!

I chowed down on some salted edamame and a good portion of a California roll. Such a loverly evening with my boys. It was slightly dampened when I started getting pain, but luckily the worst of it was over after 1.5 hours. Though, four hours later and I'm still feeling a little bit of pain, but I'm still able to breathe for the most part and am not crying, so it's manageable.

It's been weird being so disconnected from my computer and the internet this weekend. I feel behind already and it's crazy to think that I have work tomorrow morning and that this is my last week of summer. I have so much left to do:

Monday: 3 mile run. Work. Groceries.
Tuesday: 30-Day Shred (Lvl 3). Doctor. 30-Day Shred (Lvl 2). Pack.
Wednesday: Run. Work.
Thursday: Yoga (Biggest Loser). Work.
Friday: Run. Finish packing. Move-In/Out.

I'm sure that a bunch of little things will pop up or I've forgotten something, but these are the things that will definitely happen on those days in roughly that order. This should be a stressful week that will unfortunately fly by far too fast. But I really can't wait to be settled, meet my new roommates in person, and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle while in college. Hopefully I'll fare better this year than I did the previous year.

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