Aug 17, 2010

Stretch and Extend

Double session of workouts today. Yoga for Runners in the morning, and 30 Day Shred (Level 3) with Jillian in the evening. I'm trying to focus less on pure running and more on overall fitness. My goal is to run every other day, with a long run once a week, and do pilates, or yoga, or something else along those lines on the other days. I'm still a bit sore from Sunday's round of yoga with Bob Harper (from the Biggest Loser). Yoga with weights is no joke, people. Moving on, after I got all stretched out and did some ab work, I moved on to breakfast. I wasn't really in the mood for oats this morning, so I made up some yummy Vans Lite Waffles! Topped with a smidge of butter, maple syrup, and fresh strawberries. For you mathematically minded people out there: Waffles > Pancakes. It's just a fact of life.

Full day of work today, since I have to take tomorrow off for my CT scan (bright and early in the morning, actually the sun won't even be out yet I don't think) and another day off next week for my follow-up exam. Not much money going to be made in my last two weeks of working here, but every little bit that I can squeeze out will help, coupled with extreme frugality and begging. Lunch today was a Vegan Boca Burger on a sandwich thin with a slice of soy swiss chesee (no hiccups this time!) and a banana, with cottage cheese and mandarin orange slices as a snack. Again, my head was in a fog the entire day, which made focusing a bit difficult, but I can't really explain the lightheadedness so, therefore, don't really know what to do to make it go away. Since there was a lot of waiting around involved at work today, I was very thankful for my Stephanie Plum novel to keep me company. I seem to be going through this one more slowly, but that's probably just because I've had so much less energy this week than last.

Once I got home, I was craving chocolate, but I wanted it to be substantial to hold me over until dinner as well. So, I whipped up a bowl of protein brownie batter a la Gabriela from Une Vie Saine. No picture today, because I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but indeed I did! I'll probably post the recipe tomorrow when I'll undoubtedly make it again. But, it definitely hit the spot. I only wish that I had a better protein powder to work with, but I need to use up what I have before I get any new stuff. What protein powder(s) would people recommend?

I seriously have had no appetite today. This was definitely one of those "having to make myself eat something every couple of hours because I know that is what would be best for my body". Dinner was broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in a cheddar cheese sauce. I usually don't like cooked carrots, but cover it in cheese and I'll probably eat it. My parents used to use this tactic to get me to eat my vegetables as a little kid (most of the time I still wouldn't eat it). I let the cheese cook a little long so that some of it burnt. I love slightly burnt cheese, and it smells so good! Post-Jillian snack was a mug full of Kashi GoLean, USVAB, and the last of the strawberries. Unfortunately, this triggered some abdominal pain and, even though I was quite short of calories for the day, could not eat any more for the rest of the evening.

I cannot wait for this weekend! I actually get to go somewhere for a change! Too bad it had to wait until the very end of summer to happen, but, hey, at least it's happening, right? Better late than never and all that. Now I just need to get to the grocery store to stock up on snacks and drinks for the ride to and from the lake and for during the day at the beach since I don't really like to eat at restaurants that much, especially since I have such a small stomach with all of the "mini" meals that I eat. Restaurants don't really serve "me" portion sizes, and if they did they would probably overcharge. Heck, I think all restaurant food is overpriced. Pair that with me being a frugalista and you just have a recipe for disaster/recipe for me bringing a cooler or lunchbag everywhere.

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  1. I hear you on the restaurant portion sizes being much too large. One way to solve that problem (and help out the frugalist in you too, I myself am a proud practicer, haha) is to get a to-go box and split the meal in half and eat it for lunch or something the next day. Not rocket science but it works. I don't like eating out too much as is.

    And there's nothing wrong with packing snacks or meals for yourself if that's what you prefer! I hope your weekend goes as well as you want it to, I'm having a bit of a small excursion myself! :D