Aug 4, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

A new day, a new dark chocoalte bar. I went out and ran 3.01 miles in 29:10. I ran into a bit of trouble this morning: the right earbud on my headphones was not working, or would cut in and out. Lemme tell you, it was very distracting.

Breakfast was good ol' oatmeal, with egg whites, peanut butter, raspberry preserves, flaxseed, cinnamon, and Grape Nuts. The oatmeal kept boiling over in the microwave and I actually had to completely restart once and almost gave up the second time just out of pure frustration. But, I already had all of my toppings out and I really do love this meal, so I stuck it out even though it took me over 15 minutes to make a simple mug of oatmeal.

Lunch experienced a change of plans; the last of my veggie mix was a bit off tasting and a few of my clementines are going bad, so I had to nix them from my lunch box and improvise. Honey-Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean!, a good clementine, the rest of my Twix bar from yesterday, and a Kashi Fruit and Nut bar for an afternoon snack. I was a little disappointed in this yogurt, I did not find out until later that there is not actually any honey or vanilla in it and they just added a bunch of sugars instead. I guess that teaches me to buy that brand ever again. (Note: This was a different brand than the one that produced the Strawberry variety I tried a week or so ago.)

After work I had made plans to hang out with Lyle to go to the nature center, dinner at Noodles & Co., and squeeze in a couple of episodes of Friends if we could. Once I got home I attempted to make hommus, but if this is what authentic hommus tastes like, I think that I prefer mine store-bought. Oh well, I tried, I lived, I learned. At Noodles, I ordered the Bangkok Curry with extra broccoli. I was not satisfied. The "extra" broccoli was only a few pieces and the dish overall was pretty tasteless. I think I'll stick to the Japanese Pan noodles, which are always delicious.


On the racing front: I am now signed up for TWO 5K races in the fall. The one I mentioned the other day at the end of September, and then one the following weekend in the beginning of October. So, I will have plenty to motivate me to train and will hopefully perform better in the second one (?). Normally I would not run two races back-to-back like that, but I had it pointed out to me that high school cross-country runners have to deal with that throughout the season and that I run that much on a normal training day anyway.

Now I'm back in my bed having pain issues again. Gah! Long day tomorrow and probably Friday as well. I just need a break. A real break. And it's not going to happen this weekend, so I don't know when it's going to happen. I'll rest when I'm dead I suppose :-( .

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