Sep 9, 2010


I’ve woken up with very sore calves the past two days, so I decided that my body was in for some yoga this morning. I did about 20 minutes of Yoga for Strength #1 from YogaDownload, but I don’t think that included enough downward dogs for my legs to feel much better. Oats this morning was back to normal: old-fashioned oats made in Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, and flaxseed meal, and topped with Grape Nuts, PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, cherry preserves, and almonds.


Today was a very long day. I was out the door by 9:10am to catch my bus. Nutrition. Hour break. Honors Biology. Hour break. Honors Biology Lab. Hour Break. Library for Honors Biology Lab. This all amounted to me not coming back home until around 8:30pm. So, pardon me for not posting any of my meals other than breakfast today, because everything I ate had to be very compact and easy to pack and carry due to the limited packing space and the lack of any substantial amount of time to come home and make a proper meal. This basically amounts to a lot of bar-type snacks/meals and a realization that I am in serious need of a trip to the grocery store which will not be until some time Saturday.

Sorry about the lack of much of a post today, ya’ll. TGIAF (Thank Goodness It’s Almost Friday)!

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