Sep 4, 2010

College Football Saturday and URE Visits the ER

Today I scheduled in a day of rest. I still don’t feel great this morning; still experiencing some residual pain from yesterday and the night before, but my ankle is loads better at least. Breakfast was a Brazil nut, and OIAJ. A fruit preserve jar, that is! Old-fashioned oats made in Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with cinnamon, flaxseed meal, and chia seeds, put in a raspberry preserve jar, and topped with Grape Nuts, PB&Co. CRS, and almonds.


I have to tell you guys, this was not easy to make or eat. Small hole, tall jar, hot oatmeal. It was a struggle well worth the effort. Maybe not quite as good as using a nut butter jar, but I was satisfied. The pain quickly returned today, deciding to settle into my chest so that breathing is uncomfortable and I’m nauseous. Everyone is gone today due to it being the first college football game of the year. But at least my team won!


Update: I ended up going in to the ER around 1:30 after talking to the on-call doctor over the phone. I was given an IV with some morphine and something else for my stomach and they took some X-Rays which didn’t show anything. I was let go around 4:30 with some pain meds as that’s basically all they could do for me. I’ll use the pills if I need them, but since they are so extreme I’m wary to take the medication if I will be on the bus or on campus. Here’s hoping that the Mayo Clinic comes up with some answers this week!

I apologize at the lack of variety and the presence of real meals and recipes since my condition has worsened. You’re continued support and readership is appreciated and promise to return to what this blog was intended for as soon as I am physically able.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling quite ill. I hope and pray that nothing is serious and that you'll get better in a matter of days. Feel better soon!