Sep 1, 2010

First Day of School, First Day of School

Despite my plans to do Jillian’s 30 Day Shred this morning, my body was craving yoga. It demanded and I supplied. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Sun Salutations Flow #2 with Dave Farmar from It was quite the challenge; physically and mentally. But I powered through those 30 minutes and was ready for some eats right away. Old-fashioned oats made with Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with chia seeds, flaxseed meal, and cinnamon, and topped off with almonds, Grape Nuts, PB&Co. CRS, and raspberry preserves (almost gone!). Delicious!


Unfortunately, I got a lot less accomplished the other day than I would have liked. I still have most of my readings to do and some organizational things to handle yet. In the two hours that I had between eating breakfast and having to leave for campus, I cleaned up, dressed, packed lunch/snacks, and did a little bit of reading for Human Nutrition. Weirdly, my ankles have been hurting today; I’ve never had this problem before so I don’t really know what to make of it.

No pictures of food past breakfast today. Sorry! I spent literally every spare moment finishing my Nutrition chapter and ran out the door as soon as my lunch was packed (high-fiber wrap with lettuce, Boca burger, salsa, and soy cheddar cheese with a Pink Lady apple and a few pretzels for later). Even so, a 20-minute bus ride took TWICE as long because the bus service is not used to so many students riding yet.

My first class was Food Safety. The professor seemed really enthusiastic and endearingly geeky. He played us parody songs, such as “We Are The Microbes” and “U.S.D.A". Can you figure out the original songs? We did not get through nearly all of the slides, though. Next up was my Honors Biology Lab, which was literally just talking about the syllabus. And just my luck, it started to rain while I was there. Luckily, the class lets out at the same time that my mother gets off work and I begged for a ride so that I wouldn’t have to walk and wait in the rain. I’m not happy about it being unbearably hot and no air-conditioning in the classrooms, but I know it will not last forever as it will finally cool off this weekend.

Now I’m back home, starving, and a To-Do list that is growing exponentially, so I really better get to it. Hope that everyone had a better Hump Day than I did!


I’ve been looking my diet recently and especially at the nutrients that I’m getting/not getting. This was mostly a result of Freya (aka Brit Chick Runs) going to a sports nutritionist, so I started sort of looking over the major vitamins and minerals that I need, where they are found, and, thus, if it is possible that I am lacking any of them. Well, it made me realize that I’m not getting probably anywhere enough calcium, so I’ve decided to start taking 1 calcium chew each day in addition to my multivitamin and iron supplement.

Yes, I know that it is better to get your nutrients from foods themselves, but sometimes that just can’t be helped and until I can better figure everything out and can get everything from all-natural sources, I’m okay with taking a pill every day. I do not use my vitamins as a replacement or an excuse to not each nutritious foods; I like to think of it more like an insurance plan. “Just in case” I come up short in some area during the day. I’ve already learned so much from my Human Nutrition course, and now I can’t wait to learn some more!


  1. I've considered evaluating my diet for nutrient analysis to see if I'm lacking in anything or not. That's one of the reasons I can't convert to US(V)AB because Silk Soy Milk has a lot of the fortification I think I need because of my diet. That and it has more fat and protein which I believe I also need. I'll see what I can change and come up with. I really don't like the idea of taking more supplements (I'm on iron at the moment).

    "We Are The Titans" and "Y.M.C.A."? Those would be my guesses to the songs. :P

    Do you have to eat meals on-the-go or quickly in order to make it to a class without going hungry? I think I'd rather eat little snacks until I can enjoy a meal than wolf something down. That's probably where my biggest problem will come in: I really hate eating fast. I don't taste or savor the food, it's gone too quickly, and it leaves me with a stuffed, disgusting feeling. =\

  2. I don't like soy milk, so USVAB is better than nothing I guess since many cereals are fortified.

    Well, you got YMCA right, and probably the other one too, just messed up on the name a little.

    I packed a lunch today and had plenty of time to eat (I usually have 1-1.5 hrs between classes), it's just that I dawdled too much this morning when I was putting it all together so I felt a bit rushed when putting it all together. My real problem today was time management before I left for classes and underestimating the amount of time I was going to be on campus before I got home.

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