Sep 15, 2010

FNA and Everyone’s Favorite


I prayed to the running gods that I would feel good enough to run outside this morning and it worked! I laced up the new Brooks, and set out into the frigid wilderness. Okay, it’s a paved running trail, but it was quite chilly out there! It find pretty labored. The cold air hitting my warm lungs did not make for a happy body. However, I apparently ran pretty fast in my new kicks! 3.09 miles in 26:40 (8:34 pace!). I’m really glad to see that although I’ve transitioned to a lot more treadmill runs in the past month, that I’m still progressing in the right direction and hope that this will reflect well in my two 5Ks in the coming weeks. Breakfast was the classic: PB&J oatmeal using PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter, cherry preserves and almonds.


I was in such a rush this morning to shower, eat breakfast, put myself together, and pack lunch that it turned into quite a hodge-podge of a meal. I have a few things that I really want to use up in the fridge, but there is just no room in my lunch box or backpack! I ended up not being very hungry, even though I was gone for a good 6 hours. I ate some carrots dipped in artichoke hummus, a banana, and a mix of Kashi GoLean and Cascadian Farm Honey-Nut O’s sprinkled with cinnamon with a cheese stick as a snack on my way home.

Dinner was a salad with Italian dressing and my last, fresh, chopped tomato. I love lettuce and salads, but I struggle finishing the bag before it starts to go bad, so expect to see another salad (or two) tomorrow! The salad was accompanied by more artichoke hummus dipped with carrots, an apple, and a little while later I had a small bowl of Cascadian Farm Raisin Bran sprinkled with cinnamon and doused in USVAB.


Lately, I’ve been snacking on these dark chocolate pieces. Meijer usually has a very poor dark chocolate bar collection, so I grabbed a bag of these as a substitute. They’re good, no doubt about that, but I miss the quality that my bars provided and I see myself choosing these as a snack rather than something like carrots, Greek yogurt, or a plum, which is not the greatest thing in the world for me right now. So, after this bag is gone I’m going back to the bars. They won’t be fancy, but they will serve their purpose and help me to make better snacking choices throughout the day.



Doctor’s appointment at 8:00am meant that I really had to use my time efficiently this morning in order to get in everything that I usually do. I fueled with dark chocolate and was out the door, headed for the gym before the clock even struck 7:00am. Yesterday’s morning run really had me wanting to be able to feel my fingers. I logged 3.52 miles in 35:00 which included a 0.15mi warm-up at 4mph and a 5-minute cool-down at the end with my usual ab routine followed by some light stretching. I grabbed a stick of string cheese and a water bottle and was out the door for my appointment: sweaty workout gear and all.

After my appointment (just a check-in, nothing new to share), I rushed home to jump in the shower and rid myself of the sweat that had crystallized in every orifice of my body it seemed. But, I knew that it was well worth the wait because I had everyone’s favorite breakfast waiting for me in the wings (and by wings I mean the fridge): OIAJ!


Old-fashioned oats made with Raspberry Zinger tea, mixed with chia seeds, cinnamon, and flaxseed meal, topped with Grape Nuts, cherry preserves, and almonds, and scooped into an almost-empty jar of PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. I grabbed a banana, vanilla Greek yogurt, and an Envirokidz Panda Peanut Butter Crisp bar to eat as snacks to tide me over until classes were done and I was back home around 3:30pm.

Dinner was a Huge Jass salad, since I wanted to use up the rest of my soy cheddar cheese and veggie mix (well, almost all of the veggie mix). In addition, I included some great northern beans and Italian dressing. I love beans in salads! And this was especially filling, delicious, and simple! I was quite satisfied into the evening.


After dinner was the first Food and Nutrition Association (FNA) meeting of the year on campus. A lot of the Dietetics majors on campus who wish to be successful when applying to internships after graduation are a member of, and participate in, this group, so I thought that it would be a good idea to get involved right away. Today was mostly meeting the Executive Board, voting on t-shirts, and getting to meet new people. I can’t wait to go back again and become an established member!

Now I’m going to hunker down with my Biology textbook and a bowl of Cascadian Farm Honey-Nut O’s and USVAB.

I really enjoyed trying out this “two-day” post idea and I think that I’ll keep with it, unless I have a recipe, feature article, or some other big event to comment on. I hope that everyone has gotten over their Wednesday “hump” and is looking forward to their weekend as much as I am! I’m super duper busy from now until about Sunday, but it’s all important and I’m trying to make it positive in someway to get me through with a smile on my face!

Questions: Anybody know of some good gloves that you can wear while running? My digits would greatly appreciated it!

I was also wondering how many KWH people use in a typical month. The apartment just got it’s first bill and I want to see if we are using more than we should and if a serious change needs to be made in our living habits or not.

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  1. I'm curious about the good gloves thing as well... I usually just go for cheap pairs because I've been known to take them off and throw them aside in the middle of a race because my hands get so hot- oops!