Jul 29, 2010


Successful round of cross training this morning; Crunch Burn & Firm Pilates. I always forget how long this workout is. I guess I truly am part of the "give me and give me NOW" generation. I guess I'm used to workouts like Jillian's 20-minute sets. But, it gets me sweating and that's what's important and what I look for in my workouts. I may or may not take tomorrow as a rest day, meaning no DVDs or running. I think I need it.

Pre-workout eats: 1 square dark chocolate (I'm loving this!). Breakfast: 2 mini muffins with SF raspberry preserves, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, Fiber One cereal, 1/2 banana, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, and sprinkled with chia seeds.

Work did not start off on a great note. Some of the machines in the lab got wet and started acting up, but that was fixed within half an hour, luckily. Still experiencing that draining sensation as soon as I get to work which persists throughout the work day and goes away again once I get home. Is this just a "side effect" of not liking one's job?

I snacked on a new Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pecan Fruit & Grain Bar. The bar itself was not very good, but the pumpkin topping was excellent. I could eat that topping all day (darn my cravings for pumpkin in the middle of July!). Lunch was a repeat of yesterday, as promised. It's been really weird for me to actually have a "meal" for lunch, since I'm so used to eating my little snacky things every hour or so. I think I like this arrangement a bit better, I just wish that I had a lunch box big enough to handle a good-sized portion. Seriously, my salads and other things are only about a cup in size because that's all that will fit in my little carrier! Anyway, I trudged through the day as usual, hitting several walls with my attention span and awakeness, and then it was back to my glorious home.

I was a bit hungry, so I snacked on some clementines (yay, citrus!). Nothing too big since I actually wanted to have a real meal for dinner tonight. I made up a BBQ quesadilla (trying to work my way through whatever frozen dinners I have left from before I've tried to make these changes) and mixed vegetables. The quesadilla wasn't great. The tortilla was hard and crunchy around the edges and the BBQ sauce just wasn't to my taste. Definitely never again.

Now it's time for video games, That 70's Show, laundry, maybe a little reading, and getting myself into the weekend mindset.


Here's a little bit about the amazing-ness that is the superfood chia seed:

The chia seed was eaten by Aztecs for strength and was a main staple food along with corn and beans. Chia is an excellent vegetarian source of omega fatty acids, an easily digestible form of protein and full of minerals, vitamins, and soluble fiber. It contains more natural antioxidants than flaxseed and is an excellent source of dietary fiber.

2 Tbsp of whole chia seeds whops quite the nutritional punch: 30 kcal, 6g dietary fiber, 3g protein, 10% DV calcium and 8% DV iron.

To the outsider, the word "chia" probably brings up images of little clay animals that you sprinkle with seeds, water, and then they magically grow "hair". You will see that if you leave some seeds in water over a short amount of time, that they will take on a gelatin-like consistency, which makes them great for smoothies and other workout recovery drinks.

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