Jul 19, 2010

Just A Day

Due to the late (early?) hour of my return last night, needless to say there was no running happening this morning. I decided ahead of time last night that I would wake up early due to wanting to create regularity in my sleeping, but that I would either run or do a DVD later today. Definitely a good choice because I woke up sore for some reason and I'm sure biking in to work and staying awake all day will be hard enough as it is without a run factored in to the mix.

So, instead of running this morning, I decided to start designing a personal expenses template on Excel. I would have just used one that somebody else already created, but there does not appear to be any out there for college students; mostly for families and people who have a full-time job and graduated from university already. Well, at least it's something to do. I haven't been in much of a reading mood, so I guess this is a good one or two day activity to keep me occupied.

Work was work. I do what I normally do and then I go home (although I did manage to finish reading SuperFreakonomics in between measurements today). I had partially planned on working out as soon as I got home and then sleeping until I had to get up for work tomorrow, in order to counteract the effects of last night, but, alas, I had to stay later than expected at work in order to collect all the data I needed for my experiment. That's one bad thing about experiments: you can't always just stop at any time and be able to pick it up again in a few hours or a few days.

So, I had a slimwich sort of bread coupled with apricot preserves as my pre-run fuel and then set off for my first run it what seems like a very long time. I really just wanted to do a DVD, but I actually finally have a race that I'm preparing for in almost a month exactly and so I knew that I needed to go on a real run and not at night like I do if I had not run that morning. So, in the heat of the day (just kidding, it was hovering around 80deg), I dragged my tired body outdoors and hit the pavement. And you know what? I wasn't bad! I stayed on my normal pace of 6 mph and ended up running for 4.25 miles! That's right, I ran for over 40 minutes without stopping. I was beaming afterwards.

Now time for a well deserved meal of breakfast for dinner! Breakfast is not only okay for every meal, but delicious as well! There was actually a time in my life that I ate cereal as every meal. Literally. And I ate it with chopsticks. Imagine eating Cheerios and Cookie Crisp with chopsticks and then you will have imagined a good few months of my life. Haha!

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