Jul 7, 2010

Hot, Hot, Heat

Oh the joys of waking up sore. Not from my fantastic run last night, oh no, but from sleeping on my back with sunburned shoulders. After I aloed up once more, and checking out iTunes podcasts for a bit, it was time for breakfast. Despite my cravings for more Grape Nuts, I did not want to use my last yogurt (I guess that I should really buy more than 3 containers when I go shopping) so I resigned myself to a little Fiber Plus cereal with almond milk and a side of TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax Crunchy Granola Bars (no pictures, I figure that you've seen this all before).

It was already 84 degrees (another 90+ day in the Midwest) when I set out for work and boy did that make it hard, but I got there safe and sound at least, if not rosy-fresh. Lunch was unremarkable. I wish that I had a bigger chunk of time in which to eat lunch, then I could actually make something good and fresh and bring that in instead of my bars, which I must say I am quite bored with right about now. I bought a box of a new variety, which will hopefully help, but I'm not counting on it.

After the ride home (90+ degrees), I hydrated and sat around in front of my fan until it was time to get ready for dinner with my dad. We went to one of our usual eateries: Jimmy's Pub. I had a huge, awesome Club Salad. Then after allowing for some digestion time, I was off for my run, of course waiting for the sun (and the temperature) to go down a bit.

Even though my body didn't feel too good (apparently 1.5-2hrs wasn't enough time to wait and/or I ate too much), I still kicked out a cool 3.1 miles in 32:19. I thought that I was doing pretty good actually, though I guess it didn't turn out that way. I thought that I had run faster than that, and I was basically sprinting the last 0.2 or 0.3 miles. Maybe this means that I'm capable of going faster for longer periods of time? Not running to my full potential? *Hmmm...*

Question of the Day: Any tips on my lunch-time woes?

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