Jul 26, 2010

Push Through

I set out on my run this morning intending to do a short, easy 2.5 miles, since I do not have enough time to do 4+ miles during the work week. Today was anything but easy. I had a stitch in my side that would just not go away. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself to finish and not quit early and I almost got in the 2.5 (it was really 2.45 miles). If you've ever encountered this problem, then you know how I feel right now. Alas. And I probably won't be able to get anything in tomorrow because I'll be at the hospital bright and early. I'm talking before the sun rises, people!

Since I've run out of fruit, breakfast this morning consisted of the largest bowl of cereal ever created by man, but on the plus side I've now had about an entire day's worth of fiber and freed up some room in the cupboard by finishing off the box. I still have several boxes of cereal yet to work through. I kinda have a cereal problem. I usually have at least three different varieties of cereal in my cupboard at any one time. I've had more like five lately. Anyway, today was my last day home without my mother. I wish I could say that I made the most of this situation some how, but I had to work and off I went!

Measurements, measurements, measurements. All day every day. But, I will only be here for one more month, and, compared to other day, today was not terrible. Reading blogs really is what gets me through the day. I cannot just sit there with a book and read between recordings, I just get too antsy. But reading a blog is different for me for some reason. Probably because I don't really have to pay all that close attention and I still won't miss much of what happened.

Lunch was a lovely salad with mixed greens, baked tofu, goat cheese, and asian dressing (*drool*) along with an Odwalla Strawberry-Pomegranate bar. The bar wasn't bad, I just wish that there weren't little strawberry seeds in it. I did not enjoy picking them out of my teeth as I sat at my station and is just kinda awkward in general. Then mid-afternoon I snacked on some graham crackers and a cinnimon-apple-flavored rice cake. When you crumble these together and get them in the same bite, I swear it's an awesome taste experience.

Anyways, after all of my measurements were done for the day, and I had biked home, it was time to clean house a bit before I had to bring my mom home from the airport. Nothing too major, just a quick washing of the countertops, some towels to be put into the laundry, and some feline "presents" to dispose of. Ahh, I cannot wait for her to get home so that I can get to the grocery store. I feel so deprived without fruit in the house! Plus almost no vegetables, which I have also been hankering for lately as well. Maybe (hopefully) tomorrow?

Mom was picked up safe and sound, and I was off for another run, since this morning kind of felt like a dud. And, boy, am I glad that I did! It was awesome. I felt good, really good, and it showed in my time! I followed a completely unknown route, not knowing when I was going to turn until it was right on top of me. It ended up being 3.66 miles in 34:48. Do you know what that means? That means I was going faster than a 10-minute mile, a lot faster! Oh, how I miss my 9-minute miles  of yesteryear, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Hospital bright and early tomorrow morning and then grocery store later if I feel up to it, but it's a very minor procedure, so, I'm hopeful. Maybe even a run in the evening? Let's hope so!

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