Jul 6, 2010

Press Play To Resume

Woke up still in quite a bit of pain from the burn. So I put on some aloe, antiseptic spray, and re-bandaged my foot and hoped that it would all be enough to get to and from work and through the day without wincing too bad.

Plunging back into work after having a three-day weekend off by starting with an 8-hour work day. Whoop-dee-doo. Well, at least that means that there are only 4 work days this week. Since I hit up the grocery store the other day, and finally got some more yogurt, I made some Overnight Oats for breakfast.

Strawberry Banana Overnight Oats
1/4 c old-fashioned oats
1/2 banana, mashed
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 FF Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt
1/4 c almond milk
Dried cherries
Grape Nuts (love that crunch!)

At work I was doing another day of recording measurements every 5 minutes, so food had to be eaten in small, well-timed bursts again. Nothing too special, though I did manage to score some Swedish Fish the other day because they were on sale. I ate about half the box today as a little hard-at-work treat. *Yum*. I was really surprised at my level of energy at work today. I am usually dragging myself around and dreading looking at the clock, but today I felt pretty darn good given the circumstances. I even had a reasonable amount of energy for the ride home!

Once I got home, my body was screaming for some more of that lovely green goo and I gladly obliged its demands. Even with my busted foot and sunburnt body, I wanted to try giving running a try. So, I made up a nice big bowl of Simply Asia Spring Vegetable soup to get a nice supply of carbs. I like big noodles and am not so keen on the actual liquid part of soups, so I let the bowl sit out and soak up the liquid. So much better, right?

Even with temperatures in the low- to mid-80s, I cranked it out. Because of my four days of not running, the sunburn, and the bum foot, I set my sights low: 1.5 miles. Well, 1.5 came and went, I just did not want to stop! I felt amazing, and just kept going, and could have come even farther if it had not been for the fact that the sun had already gone down and I almost could not read my watch any more. But, I was determined to finish my lap and did a very respectable 3.3 miles in 32:29. That's a 9:48 pace. It's almost as if my training never even took a lazy vacation.

After a nice shower (I sweated like none other), I chilled out with a bowl of FF Pomegranate Berry yogurt and Grape Nuts and now I'm catching up on my Hulu queue and playing FrontierVille on Facebook. *Ahh*. Today was a good day.

Motivation for the Day: "Even when there are temporary setbacks, movement is always headed toward wellness." (Walter, Susan. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines.)

Question: Does anyone else left their noodle soups sit and soak up the soup before eating it?

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