Jul 28, 2010


Yes, I have renamed the site. I have more fully realized my intentions and hopes for this blog and have thus made some changes with a few more to come. Note the new header and footer that I shot and designed myself.


Pre-run fuel: Square of dark chocolate and 1/2 c applesauce. I've seen another blogger who is a runner (basically my entire blogroll) eat dark chocolate before a workout and I thought that I would try it. I mean, it's chocolate first thing in the morning, why wouldn't I agree to that? And not just any dark chocolate, but Lindt Intense Orange dark chocolate. I could actually see the orange pieces and almond slivers.

The run itself started off on a terrible note. My stopwatch apparently did not start counting when I hit it, so I have no idea how long I was running for. All I know is that I ran 2.08 miles. Not very good, but I really haven't felt great the past two days. Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day, and that someone will love me enough to buy me the Garmin Forerunner 305. Tomorrow, actually, will be a cross-training day, I think. I haven't done a DVD since Saturday so I think it's time for another. Hello, pilates Ellen!

Breakfast: Half container Strawberry Greek Yogurt, Fiber One cereal, banana, 2 mini muffins, almond milk. Yes, I decided to give Greek yogurt another go, but flavored this time rather than original (never again). This was more of a fruit-at-the-bottom kind of dealio which I usually don't dig but this was actually quite good and makes me hopeful for the honey-flavored one I have waiting in the fridge as well. Unfortunately, my muffins came out pretty tasteless and adding them to milk was probably not my greatest idea. I'm thinking with a nut butter or fruit spread tomorrow, yes?

After breakfast, I was off to visit my college to submit forms indicating that I'm changing majors and, thus, do not need to fulfill their graduation requirements any longer and that I need a new honors advisor. Quite simple really. Then it was a doctor's appointment in the building practically across the street followed by this monstrosity of a lunch that I thought up last night:

I don't think that I cooked the lentils long enough, so this was definitely a bit chewy, but overall it was not too terrible. I mean, I have another portion set aside at home that needs to get eaten, and I can safely say that it will and I won't groan about it too much. This heap features broccoli, carrots, peas, baked tofu, lentils, and whole wheat spaghetti mixed in tomato sauce. Yeah, I have a bit to learn in the next month. Anyone willing to give me a crash course? Lunch was quickly followed by me coming in to work for a few hours (some is better than none) which was broken up by an office pilgrimage to the MSU Dairy Store. I did not partake, however, preferring to caffeinate rather than get a sugar high.

The rest of the day breezed by. I completed my standardizations and went home after a brief snack of a pear and set to work shooting and creating the header and footer that I am not using for this blog. The photoshoot actually didn't take too long and I finished in plenty of time before my mother showed up and had the chance to give me a quizzical expression. Then the next hour and a half or so was spent in Photoshop tweaking and editing it to my specifications until I was satisfied with their appearances. I don't think that they turned out too bad, do you?

Now I don't really have anything planned and dinner is unknown. I snacked on some Panna Cotta Gelato from Gelateria Italiana that I found at Meijer the other day. This stuff is actually from Italy! So you know that it's gotta be good. I for one found the caramel sauce a little off-tasting, but overall it was not terrible. Still, I don't think I would get this product again given the choice between this or one of those great Edy's flavors.


I think that now would be a good time to tell ya'll a little bit about myself. Or to at least go on a bit of a tangent from my usual posts.

While I consider myself a flexatarian, I don't really eat meat. I don't want or crave it. I never think "Oh, gosh, a steak sounds so good right about now" nor do I look lustfully at my dad's hamburger when we hit up the pub. Nor do I normally eat eggs, especially plain. And now I don't even need them for baking because I know of some really neat substitutes (flax!). I don't especially like butter and I never drink milk plain, and cheese isn't huge to me either. Basically, the only appearance of any animal product in my life is in the form of yogurt (or frozen yogurt) and chocolate, which will probably never change. However, I have been trying to eat more vegan-esque, gluten-free, and/or organic. I've been dabbling in this for the past month or so and I think it has really done me some good and hope to continue in this fashion.

Yes, I have a lot yet to try and a lot yet to learn, and with this will come countless failures. But, I know with the help of the blogger community (which I hope is reading, or at least will read one day soon) that I will be able to create something great out of all of this.

Question of the Day: Do you like the new name/layout?

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