Jul 13, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

This morning was 2.78 mi in 27:58. I was really worried that I was running super slow, because it's 0.55 mi around my neighborhood if you just run in the main circle. Well, I decided to take all the little dead end side streets as well and did not think it would add too much to the total distance. So, when it took me about 10 minutes to run once around I thought "What is going on?!". Turns out, by adding those inlets, I added 0.36 mi to my neighborhood loop! Meaning that once around is almost a mile. I guess that just goes to show that if you know your average pace, you are probably closer to that number than the number you have in your head.

After the run and shower, I put together a hodge-podge of a breakfast. Cottage cheese, banana, blueberries, and Grape Nuts. Not too good. I think it was the cottage cheese I used. The stuff I normally get was sold out and so I had to get a different brand. Never again. I guess I'd rather go without than get sub-par products, which should be the way it normally is, right?

I arrived at work just in time for a fire drill. This was not a great way to start the work day. As promised, lunch was another Asian-inspired salad and almonds and a Nutter Butter bar for a snack. I love sprouts. Even in a salad that is already crispy and crunchy, they added even more crisp and crunch. For some reason, my body was just not into being at work today. I was tired and constantly wanting a nap. Any tips?

Also (healthwise), today wasn't so good in other respects. For the past many months, I've been experiencing pain when I eat or drink or sometimes it seems to be (to me) at just plain random times. I thought things were improving until today, when the pain came back. Now I'm trying to get in to see a specialist because pain is hard enough to deal with at home, but this is interferring with classes, work, and my social life. I've had some tests done already and there's doesn't seem to be anything inherently wrong with my organs or bloodwork, but we'll see what a gastroenterologist thinks.

Because of the pain, I didn't really want to eat my salad. I had already dug into the almonds earlier, thinking they would give me a bit of a boost to get me through the morning, but then 2pm rolled around and I still hadn't eaten lunch because the pain had been persisting for a good 3 hours or so by this point in time. I ate it anyway, knowing that I needed to eat, even if I didn't want to, or else I would never make it home. However, as expected, eating made the pain worse. I ended up asking to go home early, but I still had to bike (no fun) even with the pain. Ugh. I just don't understand why this has been happening or what I can do. I can't just not eat, that would be terrible for my body. However, eating causes pain, which is also terrible for my body.

I just can't win. *Sigh*. Here's to hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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