Jul 1, 2010

Five Minutes

Body decided to wake up a bit earlier than it had to today, which is not a terrible thing in and of itself, especially since I had to go into work early again today. Eating Life cereal the other day (and staring at an almost empty fridge) had me hankering for cereal this morning, so that is what I had. I tried this new Fiber Plus Antioxidants Berry Yogurt Crunch cereal with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I was thoroughly satisfied and got my fix, at least until I can get some more yogurt and fruit.

Work was brutal. I had to take down data every FIVE MINUTES. For EIGHT HOURS (that's 96 measurements for those of you counting at home), so if I needed to eat or drink anything it was basically: write down the numbers, run out into the hall, do what I had to do, and run back before the next measurement had to be written down. I was so glad to go home and not be plugging in numbers any more. And when I got home, I had TWO packages waiting for me! A new swimsuit and some chia seeds I ordered to try out.

Today was the end of my first summer class. Tuesday marks the beginning of my next one. *Sigh*, no rest for the living. But I think that I did very well and that will help create more of a buffer for me once fall and spring semesters rolls around in a few months. But, for now, I have 4 days of freedom from schoolwork and I'll be living it up with Lyle and his fam. Going to be the first time I've donned a swimsuit this summer, and probably my last.

In between looking through some of my mom's old cookbooks, eating the leftover frittata from last night, and packing for the trip, I went running with no real goal distance in mind. Well guess what? I trudged through it, but I did a cool 3.37 miles (that's more than a 5K!) in 32:11. That's a 9:34 pace and 6.3mph. WOW. Yay me!

I'll be incommunicado until Monday night probably. So, enjoy the Fourth of July, watch some fireworks, and spend time with friends and family! Looking at my weekend forecast, I will be thoroughly enjoying myself and achieving maximum relaxation.

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