Jul 24, 2010

Are We Dreaming, Or Is This Reality?

Running this morning got rained out, so I greeted the day with Friends and a breakfast quesadilla instead. Then there were some things around the house to get done, like laundry and dishes. Around noon, I went to the movie theater with Lyle and saw Inception! Incredibly long, ringing in at almost 3 hours in length, but very good otherwise. I just don't like sitting still in one place for that long, you know?

So, after coming back home, I ate a snack and watched some episodes of Scrubs on tv (we finished Season 3 and apparently had no forethought to bring Season 4). Then it was mowing the lawn for him and Jillian for me. I did Level 1 and ended up doing Level 3 later (I'm not a real fan of the Level 2 exercises). The weather is just downright inhospitable for running today, which is sad, since I now have a slim chance in meeting that big goal of mine (unless I start feeling super awesome all of a sudden), but tomorrow morning I will do all that I can and see how close I can get. Getting almost there is better than giving up, right?

I did the unheard of this afternoon. I drank a cup of coffee. I don't really drink a lot of coffee; finding a lot of it to be pretty crappy and so not bothering with it. But since it was only 7:30 and I was about ready to pass out already, I found it necessary. So, I ground up some Hazelnut-flavored coffee beans and turned on the old CoffeeMate. Delicious. I don't want to make a habit of drinking this stuff though, a caffeine dependence is one thing that I do not need to be developing. I'm pretty sure it took me at least two months to get over the one I had from finals week and drinking about a 12-pack of Diet Coke in a weekend. But, I do always love walking down the coffee aisle of grocery stores and inhaling deeply.

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