Jul 5, 2010

The Long Weekend

Hey guys, since I was away from a computer all weekend, but here's a day-by-day recap of my Fourth of July weekend.

--- 06/02/10 ---

Woke up before my alarm (as per usual). I think that when my mother leaves the house and opens the garage door she wakes me up. Because I really cannot think of any other reason why I do not sleep in until my alarm goes off. Anyway, since I won't be able to go to the grocery store until Monday or Tuesday, breakfast was equal parts Fiber Plus and Life cereals with almond milk and sliced bananas on top. It at least kept me satisfied until lunch this time.

When I was finally done for the day, I had to rush home to finish packing and get something to eat before we hit the road. Most of the night after we got there was spent watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off and me almost falling asleep the entire time.

--- 06/03/10 ---

The next day was pretty chill (at least for me). I got shown around the property and read some. After everyone else took a nap after dinner, we were off to a party and watch the fireworks.

--- 06/04/10 ---

Happy Fourth of July blogosphere! Everyone headed out to the lake for the day to spend some time in the sun on the pontoon. I got just a wee bit more than a little time in the sun, however, as I now closely resemble a lobster and sliced my foot open on a shell. After a lovely dinner and a few rounds of cards and other lazy games, we came back to the house and I got set up with some aloe and we watched Adventureland.

--- 06/05/10 ---

Now we come to today, which was basically get up and go home. Now I'm back in my own bed with more aloe and Ibuprofen. I'm a little upset that I can't go running tonight or even for the next few nights because of this foot thing. Any advice on how to quickly heal foot wounds that are in areas that you can't really avoid getting touched or stretched as it heals, please feel free to post in the comments sections. I'm just worried that I've lost a lot of what I've built up over the past week.

For what's left of today, I'll probably just catch up on internet stuff and help my mom make banana bread so that I can make muffins for the week. Or just lay here and not move or touch anything. That would be acceptable as well.

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