Jul 9, 2010


Morning came much too early today. I had a really hard time getting to sleep, since I didn't seem to be working too hard yesterday, and was not able to pass out until about 2am. 5.5 hours later and there I was looking at the alarm screaming in my face. After a nice breakfast of a banana with Nutella and a Fiber Plus bar, I was out the door and off for a very long work day, although all I could think about on the ride was how perfect the weather would be if I were running just then. I've been trying to decide if I should wake up earlier on regular work days, run, shower, and then bike to/from work rather than running at night like I have been. I may try that next week (not Monday though, since that's another long day).

For lunch, I gathered together some almonds, an apple, and whipped up another quick salad, although this one was even more boring than yesterday's (I really need to get to the store (maybe Saturday or Sunday?). I won't even embarass myself by posting an ingredients list or picture. Yeah, that uninspired. Also, since I wanted to run pretty soon after I got home, I tried out a Kind Plus bar in Almond & Cashew a couple hours before I planned on running.

The bar was good and I was happy to see that it had not too many ingredients and a fairly good balance of carbs and protein, which it just what I wanted in my pre-workout fuel. There were too many nuts for my own personal taste and wished that there could have been more dates (think Pure Bars), but I don't regret my choice on buying this bar on sale just to try.

I quickly changed once I got home and then I was off like a cheetah (ok, maybe not quite that fast). I shook it up a bit by following a nearby bike trail across the street rather than just turning around like I normally do. Let me tell you, today was a struggle. Not that it was very hot. 80 degrees normally is not too bad. But, it was mostly all in the sun without any shade. So, I felt SLOW. Once I got home, did abs, showered, and mapped my run, it turns out I did a LOT more than I thought that I did. Because of the weather and just the way that my body was feeling, I set out with the goal of just 2 miles. Come to realize, I did 3.25 miles in 31:33. That's a 10 minute mile even and an even 6 mph. Yay me!

Now I'm off to get ready for tonight. A bunch of the people I lived with this past year are getting together tonight and I am joining in! Peace out, Girl Scout!

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