Jul 16, 2010

Calling Dr. House

No run this morning. I would have been in the middle of a shower when I should have been at the doctor's office if I had. So, I had planned on running tonight instead. Got to the doc's bright and early for a consultation and physical exam. Now I have a bunch of tests ordered and I go in for an endoscopy in a couple of weeks. So, we'll see what all of this turns up.

Still got in to work about the same time I normally would, thanks to my mother driving me to work rather than me biking. I had a lot of blood drawn and hadn't eaten breakfast yet, so I thought it unwise to exert myself like that. That being said, I was without a bike to get home, and so I hoofed it old school. It's not that I don't like walking. I do. But this is trip takes over an hour on foot and usually distances like this walking makes my knee act up. Luckily, I think running has increased my joint strength because I didn't have any problems other than it being very hot out.

Once home, it was time for some rest. I have felt extremely tired the past day or two, and so I popped in a DVD and went to sleep. Such an exciting day today. Hopefully this bodes well for my run tomorrow morning and for the rest of the weekend. I have lots of plans and errands to run and I do not have time to not have any energy to do it all with.

After my nap, I tried out a new recipe for mom and I to try that I've heard rave reviews about: lentil loaf! I'll post the recipe with tomorrow's post, but it was good. Very flavorful and, as my mom said, "not dry like I thought it would be". Haha.

I played a computer game for about an hour, and then it was time to go running since I was not able to this morning and I actually felt up to it, surprisingly. I felt really good the first mile, and the second mile, and the third mile. I just felt so good and like I could go on for ever. If I still had any light left at all I would probably have kept going, but I ended up stopping after 3.65 miles and 35:53. That's a 9:48 average pace! I knew that I was running faster. I even felt like I was lifting my feet off the ground more. Ahhh, so good. I was beaming. Then I celebrating with a big bowl of cottage cheese and fruit. I would have preferred yogurt and Grape Nuts, but the cottage cheese needs to get eaten first. As long as there is juicy fruit, it will get done.

Alright. My bed awaits me, although right now it is being inhabited by various books and things and completely lacks all bed-like characteristics, like sheets. Who needs luxuries like that anyway? Night everyone.

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