Jul 12, 2010

Does It Take 21 Or 28 Days To Form A Habit?

Today was Day 1 of shifting my running to the morning (before work/classes, I say classes because I want to keep this as a habit even when fall semester starts up again). This morning was a bit rushed, because I had a long day at work again (have to make up for those holidays!), but I managed to fit in a pre-workout snack (1/2 banana + Nutella), 3.14 mile run, shower, and breakfast (1/2 banana, cinnamon raisin bread, cereal bar) all before I had to leave for my ride in to work. *Phew* I am wiped out. I think that the extra half an hour that I will have tomorrow will make all the difference.

Working on making my salads more creative and tasty, I created a nice Asian blend for today. Wonderful! it consisted of:
Baked tofu
Bean sprouts
Asian Dressing (with ginger, soy, and sesame)
I think I must just be craving Asian-inspired meals lately, what with today's lunch and my Indian food over the weekend. I would say that there's about a 95% chance of this salad making a repeat appearance tomorrow.

Couple this with some Blue Diamond Mint Dark Chocolate Almonds and you've got a winner of a lunch. After work, I stopped at Barnes & Noble on my way home to check out some books I've had my eye on for the past week or two based on what I've seen on the blogs I follow. I could honestly spend hours just walking around a bookstore and never buying a thing (though wanting to, badly), but I ended up walking away with nothing. Surprise, surprise. I'm actually quite a frugal person, it's a little sad.

After getting home, I snacked on some cinnamon raisin bread and, once I was able to take the car, went to a secret destination, and then later bought a new mini food processor (mine is terrible and I'm pretty sure is older than I am). Then it was back home to look through coupons, read, and eat key lime pie yogurt + Grape Nuts and other tasty treats. I plan on maybe doing some 30-Day Shred later tonight, but that's pretty much my night! Up by 7 means in bed by 11.

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