Jul 11, 2010

Fresh, Fresh, Baby

Woke up early and made myself some pre-workout fuel: a sandwich slim with sugar-free apricot preserves. I think something must be wrong with my toaster though, since it didn't so much toast as it did warm the bread a bit. Yum. The apricot spread smelled (and tasted) so good. I sometimes forget how much I love some fruits until I smell them again after a long time.

Then it was a very slow and hot 2.88 mile run. After I was back and showered, I made up the rest of the lentils from last night and paired it with some baked tofu and bean sprouts. After lunch, mom and I were off to opening weekend of the Farmer's Market and I set out with one goal in mind: Bizzy Lizzy Bakery. Their motto is "Where Delicious Meets Nutritious", where they strive to create a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat and using natural ingredients, such as flaxseed and beet sugar. And, most important to some people, there is no flour in any of their bakery items. I selected a Pumpkin muffin. My mother selected some basil and garlic from another stand.

What proceeded was a long, lazy day of nothingness. I read a little bit, and looked again at my degree requirements to make sure I have planned for all that I need, but mostly it was just vegging out in a warm room wondering how the fan wasn't reaching me. I took a little reading walk to force myself to finish my book (Freakonomics, a re-read) and was stranded for a small time under a tree during a sudden rain spell, but I finished and that's what counts.

Mom used her newly acquired basil to make Gnocchi, Shrimp, and Asparagus with Pesto. Not my favorite, but I am a huge gnocchi fan. I then later had the pumpkin muffin that I bought from the farmer's market. It was pretty good; nice and moist (P.S. I hate that word).

Later, I busted out my old Crunch Pilates DVD and, let me tell you, I sweat, which is good. A workout isn't a workout unless you're sweating. Now I am chilling out with some green tea, NCIS, and reading SuperFreakonomics during the commercial breaks. Until tomorrow, everyone!

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