Aug 8, 2010

Girl Talk

Mmmm. Dark chocolate makes every day start out on the right note. I woke up with very little or no soreness, which surprised me considering the amount I pushed my body yesterday, but I'm not complaining! Because I had breakfast scheduled with an old friend, I just did a quick round of yoga this morning followed by a shower. Breakfast was homemade by her dad, my Papa Bear. Slumgoleum and iced cappuccinos. Yes, I missed my oatmeal, but sometimes you just have to have something different for special occasions.

The afternoon was then spent reading and watching television, with just a bit of cleaning up and putting things away around the house. Still working my way through all of my possessions trying to figure out what to keep, what to pack, what stays at home, and what to give away.

I have been absolutely famished since yesterday. Is this all just residual hunger from my run yesterday? I'll eat something, wait to see if I'm indeed still hungry, and the answer is always "yes!". What gives!? But, I've been trying to listen more to my body and less attention to the number of calories I've eaten that day. It's more important to me at this point in my life and in my training that I feel good and like I'm doing the right thing for my body than to base my progress on a number.

Dinner was a high-fiber tortilla, spread with garlic hommus, romaine lettuce, crunchy sprouts, tomato, and fresh mozzarella and a side of pretzel chips and a Gala apple. I love these tortillas; they're so moist (*eww* I loathe this word with every fiber of my being, but there are no adequate replacement adjectives in existence), though that makes separating them a bit more difficult.

Well, at least I did most of the things on my To-Do list this weekend, but I'm quickly running out of time to get things done before classes start and out of the house. But for tonight, I think I'm going to crash early. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning (which means late run tomorrow evening) and right now I'm feeling a bit light-headed. Night everyone.

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  1. I usually get super hungry the day after a tough run. They zap my appetite on that day and then force it into high gear the next day. If I eat something substantial (protein!) right after the run, it helps with hunger. But I say, eat and enjoy!