Aug 3, 2010

Looks Like Rain

This morning marked the last appearance of my fancy, delicious Lindt orange-dark chocolate. Now I must wait a week in order to replenish! I have about half of another bar of a different brand and also some Baker's chocolate, but Lindt will still be sorely missed for a few days. Since I have taken a few days off from running, due to my terrible energy from the medication, now that I am no longer on the make-me-worse-instead-of-make-me-better stuff I decided it was time again to lace up my sneakers and pound it out. And out I did: 3.83 miles in 37:19. And guess what I saw? An actual barefoot runner! No Vibrams or anything, but actual barefoot running. Kind of admirable (hardcore?), but I don't think that's something I'll be getting into any time soon... or ever.

Breakfast was the new usual: oatmeal with peanut butter, Grape Nuts, and dried cherries (seriously can't get enough of this combo right now), as well as some egg whites with veggies (15.5g protein already today!). I started reading Tosca Reno's book last night, and decided to give one of her breakfast layouts a try. According to Reno, "by eating protein with your complex carbohydrates, you'll slow down the carb-to-fat conversion process" which helps in sustaining energy.

I just noticed how little I eat yogurt and almond milk recently. But, oats really are a great meal any time of the day and do a lot more for me than some FF yogurt or a bowl of cereal. The rest of the morning was spent watching last night's episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager and then I was off to work (with a side trip to the post office). Good news: I don't think I have to work the other two long days this week! Woot! Work actually didn't feel too gruesome today, which is of course good and always a welcome feeling.

Lunch was a complete shmorgesboard: clementines, peach yogurt, Kashi Go Lean!, pumpkin bar, and half of a Twix bar as a treat. Another part of Clean Eating is eating 5-6 small meals a day. I had my morning snack at 7:00, then my breakfast at 9:00, followed by lunch at 12:00, and an afternoon snack at 2:00. Now, I'm not 100% into the "rules" of Clean Eating, but I'm trying to get there little by little. One rule has to do with added chemicals and the like. Basically, if I can't pronounce it, then I shouldn't eat it or it should only be eaten sparingly (*cough* Twix *cough*).

Anyway, my experiment was only about 3 or 4 hours long, so I got to go home a little bit early! Yay! Then I fiddled around with some of my spreadsheets for awhile. I love spreadsheets and planning and organizing. Yeah, call me weird, call me Type A, call me whatever, but it gives me joy. And we should always do the things that make us happy, right? And I needed a bit of cheering up because I got some bad news this afternoon: My race was cancelled. Yes, my 5K race scheduled for the 22nd was cancelled. But, I refuse to let this get me down. I have already signed up for the next available race in my area. Unfortunately, it is not until September 26th, but I guess that means more training time, right?

Sorry for the lack of photos today. I know I should be taking pictures, even if I eat the same things every day. Again, just one of those habits that I have to form and in order to form a habit that requires attentive, focused effort, and I just forget all the time. Haha.

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