Aug 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Slept a solid ~ 9 hours last night, even sleeping in an hour from when I usually get up. I actually did not set my alarm for the first time all summer last night! It feels good to take a rest day from running and working out, as long as I still get my oatmeal. Old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, Grape Nuts, PB&Co. CRS, raspberry preserves, and almonds. I tried making my oats in a new way this morning. Instead of just boiling water for my oats, I used that hot water to make Celestial Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea. It added a whole additional layer of flavor that perfectly complemented the raspberry preserves! I think I’ll be using tea from now on to make my oats and choose some flavor that will go with whatever toppings and mix-ins that I have at the time.


All the freshmen are moving in today, with all the other undergrads who are living in the dorms returning tomorrow, so town was kind of crazy. But, I needed to venture to the shops to look for a poster for over my bed. The huge white spot is quite bothersome to me so I wanted to find something that tied in with everything else in the room, but wasn’t tacky like a lot of the posters that are typical of a college room (read: music, movies, alcohol). I didn’t end up getting a poster, but I think what I found is a good substitute:


I bought this from a Fair Trade store near campus: Kirabo. It goes so well; I’m pleased. I was famished and HOT from walking around (it was in the lower 90s today), so I ate the rest of my Spinach Dal from last night and a little more of the rice along with it. Accompanied with a Chocolate Chip Z-Bar. I love this flavor. Lunch was followed by even more episodes of Friends, of course. I’m about halfway through the next season now I think.

Roommate Alli and I hung out for a little bit after she got back from work. Then I showered, did some cleaning, and waited for my sushi to arrive. The California roll is king in my book. A wonderfully light dinner after this very warm and uncomfortable day (I had to do more medical testing today as well, and it was just awkward to me).

Now I’m off to visit some of the people I lived with in the dorms last year. G’Night everyone!

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