Aug 27, 2010

Movin’ On Out

Yes. Finally. Today is the day. The day that I head out on my own in search of greener pastures and continuing education… two miles away from my mother’s house. But, really, my parents respect my space and don’t just drop in whenever they feel like it. I rarely saw my parents at all last year and both of them work at the university I attend. I probably would have seen them a lot less if I hadn’t been so sick for most of the year. Anyways, I started today out right; with a 4.05 mile run finished in 36:48 (9:04 pace). I really tried not to push myself too fast this morning and just to go the speed that my body left like going, and it turned out to be pretty fast but at the time it sure did feel slow.

Another very cold morning (low 50s, brrr), so I was very looking forward to my mug of oatmeal this morning. Old-fashioned oats, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, almonds, PB&Co. CRS, raspberry preserves, Grape Nuts, and cinnamon. Sorry that it doesn’t look so pretty this morning, I had to prepare and measure everything out last night so that I could pack everything away for the move today. So, my oats essentially were pre-mixed this morning, but it still tasted good nonetheless.


This morning was filled with music and living minimally. With everything packed away but my computer and a change of clothes for the day, I did not have much to keep me entertained until the big show at 1pm.

Unfortunately, I failed miserably today food-wise. I was just so stressed and busy that before I knew it it was 7pm and I hadn’t eaten a thing. That might explain the light headedness and the shakiness, no? Time flew by and there was absolutely no food in the new place and I didn’t get to go grocery shopping until around 8pm. I’m going to go try and force myself to eat something now that it’s almost 9pm and finish getting the place together. Classes start Wednesday and I already have a To-Do List a mile long it seems. Night everyone!

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