Aug 26, 2010

Best Day Ever

Woke up a little nauseous still this morning, but I did not let that deter me from stretching and bending like crazy as I popped in my yoga DVD and ate a square of dark chocolate. I'm so glad that I had yoga planned for today because it was a very chilly 47deg this morning. Perfect oatmeal weather. Old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, flaxseed meal, Grape Nuts, chia seeds, chopped almonds, raspberry preserves, and PB&Co. CRS. A perfect start to the perfect day.

I set out on my bike with my head held high and a big smile spread over my face. I was headed to my last day of my summer job and, by golly, I was going to make it a good one. It doesn't hurt that we all headed over to the campus Dairy Store for lunch to get ice-cream! I rolled with a scoop of peach ice-cream. Might as well get in the summer fruit-based ice-creams while I can. I had finished most of my work before the ice-cream run, so I signed my last hours sheet and was out of that place for good! Some of my research may even be published one day and I'll have my name on the paper!

Once I got home, I caught myself up on my blogroll and cleaned up the dishes from last night/this morning. Then I sent myself off on the task to create these:

Moving Out Cookies
a.k.a. Almond-Chocolate-Chip Cookies
1/2 c butter, softened
1/2 c brown sugar
1/3 c sugar
1 Flax Egg (1 T flaxseed meal + 3 T water)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/8 c flour (I used whole wheat)
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 c chocolate chips
1 c sliced almonds (I had to chop mine myself)
Preheat oven to 375 deg.
Cream butter and sugars in a mixing bowl. Beat in flax egg and vanilla. Combine flour, salt, and baking soda in a separate mixing bowl; add to creamed mixture little by little. Stir in chocolate chips and almonds. Roll into 1" balls and place onto baking sheets. Bake 9-11 minutes. Makes 24 cookies. *Note: Cookie dough will be very wet/sticky, so expect messy fingers after the rolling process.*

As much as I love my dark chocolate, you just have to love the taste of an ooey, gooey, milk chocolate chip straight from the oven. After the oven timer dinged, I continued to pack a few more boxes; starting in on some of the kitchen items that I won't be using tomorrow morning and don't have to be refrigerated. I also moved some of the lighter, smaller boxes downstairs to ease and expedite the loading process tomorrow.

Dinner repeat. High-fiber tortilla spread with garlic hommus and topped with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, soy swiss cheese, and salsa. still messy as ever, but too good for the mess to dissuade me from eating it day after day. Sometimes I wish that my mother ate the same foods I do, so that foods wouldn't go bad. Then I probably wouldn't be int he predicament that I'm currently in. Most of the things I leave behind will probably spoil and she won't notice until I visit and tell show her all the expiration dates and mold.

Now on to reading, chatting with a few friends who have already moved back in to town, and trying to calm myself down about tomorrow enough to be able to sleep tonight.

The Best Day Ever would not be complete without it's own theme song. I think that Spongebob says it best:

Just for Fun:
Test Your Cereal IQ. I was quite proud of my 8/11 score. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised about some of these comparisons.


  1. The comment about wishing your mother ate the foods you did struck home with me haha. I'm trying hard to eat up "my" food because I know when I come home for Thanksgiving I'll browse the fridge and everything will basically be the same except with my stuff molded. I wish I could get them to eat at home more often while I'm away to be honest. :(

    Your Dairy Store is pretty neat too! I like how the students get to work there. When I'm a senior I get to work at the CPS Cafe at my school, which is a local/organic health cafe right on campus and it's a required course for all Dietetics majors. I'm really looking forward to working there in the future!

    I got 8/11 on the test too by the way. ;)

  2. That so cool that it's required that you work there! We don't have anything like that for my degree over here. Though I am quite excited about the internship after I graduate. Next summer I plan on waitressing at a small breakfast/lunch place that I know of. Not organic/local/healthy in any way really, but it's food service, not a college cafeteria (I did this for a few months, it was misery), and would be good for when I apply for internships. Plus the money; that'd be appreciated too :-D