Aug 25, 2010

Run Down

New dark chocolate bar this morning! Ghirardelli Espresso Escape. I love the espresso flavor when you bite into it; it's the perfect complement to the dark chocolate, but I still think that NewTree and Lindt make better chocolate. Another 5K run this morning: 3.17 miles in 28:20 (8:54 pace). I didn't feel the greatest physically, but mentally I was in the zone and loving it. Another month has gone by since I started running again and I've logged another 60+ miles, bringing me to around 123 miles ran in the past two months! The breakfast of champions was a mug filled with: old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, chia seeds, flaxseed meal, Grape Nuts, chopped almonds, PB&Co. CRS, and raspberry preserves. The almonds were a perfect addition to give that crunch I so dearly love.

As the oats were cooking, I scrounged up what some would call a lunch. A banana and an Apple Pie Larabar for lunch and the last of my Annie's Cheddar Bunnies for a snack.

The Apple Pie Larabar flavor was just my style. Subtle seasonings and plenty of whole almonds to crunch into. This will definitely be making its way into my grocery cart again soon. Apple Pie is always a classic, don't you think?

Day before my last day of work. For my remaining time here I won't be conducting any more experiments or collecting more data. Like today, I potted plants and analyzed data, so that's basically what I can look forward to for tomorrow as well. The day seemed to go pretty fast until about noon, but it was all analysis from then on out and that makes the day seem to go by so much slower.

Since there were no experiment to run, work finished pretty early. Good thing too, because I got a pretty good wave of nausea around the time that I was let out for home. I think that the fresh air I got during my bike ride helped a bit, because most of the nausea was gone by the time I arrived home. I chilled out with some sliced peaches, caught myself up on my blogroll, and started looking at the online content available for a few of my classes. Note: I plan on doing a post on the classes that I'm taking as a second-year Dietetics major after classes actually start, so expect to read about that in a week or two.

Dinner was a repeat of yesterday's lunch. Unfortunately, I started feeling sick again not too long after this. I laid down with Under the Dome until my mother came home and we were able to head over to Staples for printer ink and other school supplies. Apparently I was so caught up in getting things for the apartment that I forgot about simple school things like notebooks, folders, and highlighters. Like, important, staple items. I guess I need to work harder on getting into the "class" mindset; or else the assignments that are already popping up are going to be made a lot more difficult than they need to be.

What's important is that I got what I needed, and just in the knick of time, no? I have a system when it comes to note-taking. If the notes are from lectures, they get written into a notebook dedicated to that class. If the notes are from the textbook or supplemental materials, they get typed into a Word document. Since I actually plan on attending my lectures, I guess paper and pen would be required at some point in time.

Once we got back, laden with back-to-school goodies, I went back to packing a bit more (mom brought home more boxes!) and looking up a cookie recipe for move in. I love cooking for my man and am so happy that I have both him and my mother to assist with the move. I may be stronger than I was two months ago, but I am far from winning any Strongman competitions. NCIS is playing in the background and several pieces of cardboard are calling my name. Later, everyone. Hope you endured your Hump Day with grace and style!

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