Aug 2, 2010

Side Effects

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday, but I swapped the dried cherries for a banana (it needed to get eaten and soon). As promised, I kicked it to Jillian Level 2 this morning, and boy are my arms tired now. Fast forward to my first of three long days at work this week and you will once again see things not going according to plan. I use several machines at work and one was not hooked up correctly. I, unfortunately, do not know how everything connects and so could not fix it myself and the two guys in the lab who do know where not there to assist me. So, a long day just seemed longer. I only look forward to the fact that I only work 18 more work days and then it's over and out for good (also over and out for a paycheck).

In between taking measurements and tweaking settings, I continued to read The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I now have only a little under two of the novels left to read, which works out to about 300 pages. Not terrible. Hoping to finish by the end of next week, as long as nothing too earthshattering happens and I actually find the desire to read at all and I don't discover any new blogs to read in their entirety.

At lunch, I tried out the Cashew Cookie flavor of Larabar, and it certainly did taste like cashews (that's all that is in this particular bar anyways, plus dates obviously). However, I have apparently lost my love for cashew nuts, as I did not particularly enjoy this bar. The texture was fantastic; perfectly soft and yet chewy, just I don't really like cashews as much as I did a couple of years ago, preferring almonds as my favorite nut variety nowadays. Other than that it was leftover veggies and baked tofu, as well as having my other nectarine as an afternoon snack.

Calls were made to my doctor concerning the side effects of my medication, since persistent nausea was listed as one of those things you should contact your doctor about on the information slip. Since my doctor was not actually there and would not be until Wednesday, the nurse said that I should stop the medication they prescribed me. Awesome. I can't take meds to make me feel better because the meds that are supposed to make me feel better actually make me feel worse.

I finally got home after working for NINE hours straight, absolutely famished and thinking that I could actually stomach a meal since it had been many hours since my last dose, albeit cranky though I was and in dire need of a supermarket run, I knew that food needed to come first and right then. However, as is usually the case recently, I lost my appetite and the pain came back, pretty much barring me from any food or drink. At least I have a follow-up appointment in a week. I really wish I could just fast-forward to when I'm healed and healthy again, which I feel hasn't been since about this time last year.

At least the grocery shopping got done, although I feel like I'm still going to struggle finding things to eat in my kitchen. Must focus on the positives: I move out in 25 days, I only have 18 more work days, I'm getting a haircut this weekend, and I have my first race in a really long time in 20 days. Come on, August!

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